29 Aug 2015, Saturday, BTS held their first solo concert in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Asia Expo.


This is the first time for BTS to hold their solo concert in Hong Kong, and what makes it even more significant is that Hong Kong is the last destination for BTS The Red Bullet tour.


Starting from the song “N.O.”and “We are Bulletproof pt.2”, BTS creates a hot powerful beginning. They also use Chinese to introduce themselves after that. Comes with “We on”and “Hiphop Phile”, fans are excited and jumped with BTS. Fans turned on their white color fanlight, which makes the arena looks like a galaxy full of shinning stars. They sang, cheer and dance with BTS.


When comes to the song “War of Hormone”, leader rap monster and members changed the lyric from “Because of who? Women.”into “Because of who? Hong Kong.” It turns the atmosphere into another level.


As it is near leader Rap Monster and JungKook’s birthday, fans have prepared a 3-level high birthday cake for them, fans also sang birthday song to them. BTS were surprised and happy with it.


Near the end of concert, BTS have a ending mnet. Jin suddenly picked out a memo, and read it loudly. It is “I love you”in Cantonese. Once members heard it, they all start to follow to say it. Hong Kong fans surely can feel how many effort did BTS has put in this concert, so they cheers more loudly to response to BTS.


In the ending mnet, (extract)
JungKook: Hong Kong Army, I would like to say Thankyou (in Cantonese). Thank you and I love you (in Cantonese also).
Jimin: I’m so happy to be with you in Hong Kong. (and then Jimin thought it’s not good, so he requested for one more time.) I’m so happy to be with you in Hong Kong, especially in the red bullet tour.
J-Hope: Today, last concert of red bullet tour, thankyou for your huge support, I hope you have a great time, I love you Hong Kong!
Rap Monster: Do you remember MAMA last year that we came to Hong Kong? People in Hong Kong are so nice and kind, and the night was so great to remember, so we always want to be here, and we finally, one year, it takes one year to come here to have a concert. It’s even more special because like I told you, it is the 23rd stages of the red bullet tour and it’s final destination here in Hong Kong, so it’s quite a historical day for us and I would like to say Thankyou for you guys to be here, and once again thankyou our members, staffs, family, and of course Hong Kong Army, who make this special day. And we, all of us will never forget today, right?

When the concert is ended, Fans request encore with their well organized slogan, so BTS came out again to sing more songs.

BTS also sang their debut song “No More dream”and “I need you”, the song that they first grabbed 1st prize in music show.
Although there is no translator for the concert, BTS can handle it easily by their fluent English, and it helps BTS to communicate with Hong Kong Army (BTS fansclub’name) more directly. The concert lasted for about 2 and a half hours, and it finally ended by a VTR shot by BTS.

2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY IN HONG KONG: EPISODE Ⅱ. THE RED BULLET, Presented by: Jacso Entertainment

KPOPNESIA would like to thanks Jacso Entertainment for giving us a chance to witness a great show by BTS.

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