Since the fans party held last time, it has been a long time for Hong Kong “Starlight” to witness VIXX’s performance. On 18th Feb, VIXX held their live show in Hong Kong Asia Expo Hall 10 at 8pm.


With a short VCR, VIXX comes out from the stairs and starts their performance of “Ërror” (Chinese Ver.) After that, they comes out to the extend stage to have a closer communication with fans, and they performs “Chained Up” and have self-introduction there.  Also, member Ravi shows his rap skills to fans during the opening Ment. After a short Ment, VIXX said they have prepared a surprise for fans, and they sang “那些年 (Those years)” with a mic stand in Chinese.

After that, they moved back  to the main stage for more hit songs performance, such as “Fantasy”, “Dynamite” and “The Closer” and there is a chain of VCR being played during the show.


In the ending Mnet, VIXX’s leader N said Hong Kong is a beautiful city and he has came to Hong Kong for travel by himself before, he loves this city and feel jealous for Hong Kong Starlight as they can live in this beautiful city. Other members also said that they feel sorry to come so late since last time to Hong Kong, but they are pleased that they can performs those hit songs to Hong Kong Starlight tonight. They hope to visit Hong Kong again soon, and all members said I love you in Cantonese to Hong Kong Starlight.

Before the encore part, Hong Kong Starlight shout “VIXX, we love you” in order to call out VIXX for performance again. And it didn’t take much time, VIXX members came out with balls and thrown to fans so that fans can play and enjoy together with them in the last part. They sang “Love Equation” in the encore part, and some of the members even took fans’ cell phone for selfie, all Hong Kong starlight enjoyed the show very much.

The concert lasted for around 2 hours and ended in happiness.

KPOPNESIA would like to thanks REG for the opportunity to cover this event!

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