[COVERED] CROSS GENE successfully wraps up their ‘Parallel World’ Fan Meeting in Singapore 2016

Singapore, June 18 (Saturday) 2016 – Six-member multi-national boy group, Cross Gene held their first fan meeting “CROSS GENE FANMEETING LIVE 2016 ‘Parallel World’” in Singapore. The group comprising of 4 Korean members – Shin, Sangmin, Yongseok and Seyoung; 1 Chinese member, Casper; and 1 Japanese member, Takuya, made their first appearance in Singapore at the Skechers Sundown Festival back in 22 November 2014.

The two hour long fan meet not only featured great performances by Cross Gene, but has also given fans a better opportunity to interact with the members and witness their lively and dynamic personalities during the game segments.

Starting off the fan meet with a school concept, in a classroom setting, the boys appeared on stage in school uniforms, introduced themselves and began their ‘Lessons’.

Lesson one – History, which seems to be more of a memory test for Cross Gene who had to answer questions on their first appearance in Singapore – the name of the event, the date of the event and the songs they had performed. And indeed, it has been quite some time, about a year and a half ago, since they visited Singapore; the boys appeared to be struggling to recall the event. While some members managed to get the right answers and with a little help from the fans, some managed to give others a good laugh with their answers.

Shin, the leader of Cross Gene who has been carrying the Minion soft toy with him since he was on stage and the uncountable times he had said the word ‘Banana’ – failed to recall the name of the event – but has taken such a huge liking to Minions, even wrote ‘BANANA’ as his answer. Despite that, Shin managed to get the other two questions right, including the last question – to list out the five songs they had performed, which he was surprised yet ecstatic that he had guessed it right.

Moving on to the next subject ‘English’, each member had to pick two questions from a box that fans have submitted prior to the fanmeet and try to answer them in English. The members faced yet another obstacle though, trying to speak in a language which they were unfamiliar with. Nevertheless it was undeniably adorable when they tried hard to read and answer the questions in English and entertaining when they come up with witty responses to the questions.

Q: Which sun-bae-nim (senior in Korean) do you admire most? Shin claimed that he admires himself the most.

Q: What was your favourite subject at school? Yongseok, the youngest in the group answered the questions rather assuredly that his favourite subject was Math and English.

Q: Where do you want to be in 20 years? Casper agreed with no doubt that he will be in ‘your heart’ after a fan shouted out from her seat, “in my heart!”

The third lesson was Physical Education – the boys finally got up from their seats for Charades, a word guessing game where each member could only use body language to act out the word for fans to guess; and ‘Borrow the items’, the last game where the members had to borrow an item from the audience within 30 seconds and these lucky audiences even had their items back with an autograph on it.

Sangmin was extremely overwhelmed that he has won the game Charades with 12 points and received a Universal Studio Singapore ticket as a prize!

Takuya and Seyoung who failed to borrow the items they needed during the last game, had to dress up as a girl and danced TWICE’s Cheer Up as a penalty – which did not look like one since the duo seems to be enjoying it.

Cross Gene serenaded fans with a ballad ‘Holiday’ from their second mini album in the final lesson, Music.


A surprise event was prepared to celebrate the release of Cross Gene’s new Japanese album ‘YING YANG’ and an early birthday celebration for Sangmin whose birthday is on 7 July.

While the fun-filled school time with Cross Gene came to an end after the celebration, the fanmeet has not – certainly not without more live performances from them. The boys returned on stage in performance outfits, ready to belt out their best live performances for the audience, kicked off with a splendid performance of their latest title track ‘Noona You’. Following on with ‘My Face’ and ‘Mr. Secret’ from the same album, ‘Amazing –Bad Lady’, ‘Kki’ which was performed live for the very first time and ‘Play with Me’.

Despite the language barrier, it was evident that each member of Cross Gene has been making an effort to communicate to the audience in English throughout the show, though in bits and pieces. At a particular interval between the performances, the boys expressed their thoughts and gratitude, in English, on their first fanmeeting in Singapore.

“I am sorry, but I can’t speak English. So, I will study harder,” Takuya said in English and in hopes of improving his English so that he can communicate with fans in Singapore, he added, “I promise.”

Casper received passionate responses from the audience as he greeted them and spoke in Chinese, “I believe that we will get more chances to meet each other in the future. Please give us lots of support and do not look at other people,” the audience broke into laughter upon hearing the last sentence, while he added, “you can only look at us!”

Cross Gene concluded the fanmeet with a ballad, ‘I’ll Be Fine’ and proceeded with the handshake and photo session with fans.

Kpopnesia would like to extend a huge thank you to Amuse Singapore for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this fun-filled time with the lovely boys of CROSS GENE!

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