[COVERED] Park Hae Jin charms fans at his open media conference in Singapore 2016


Singapore, 17 April 2016 – Popular South Korean actor Park Hae Jin was in Singapore on Sunday, 17 April to attend the Star Awards 2016. Prior to his attendance at the awards ceremony, he made an appearance at West Coast Plaza for an open press conference which drew throngs of fans and supporters.

Despite this being Park Hae Jin’s first visit to Singapore, he has received a warm welcome from his fans since his arrival in Singapore and also a huge crowd at the press conference. He is surprised but glad and thankful for it.

Park Hae Jin has been gaining immense popularity with his role as Yoo Jung in the web-toon based drama series ‘Cheese in the Trap’. Following the popularity of the drama series, there has been news on a movie adaption as well as Park Hae Jin taking the role as Yoo Jung. In the response to the news, the actor explained that nothing has been confirmed. However, if the original web-toon writer Soonkki is participating in the film, he would be willing to take part in it.


When being asked about his upcoming projects, Park Hae Jin revealed that he would be portraying the role of a bodyguard which has a different image from his previous roles.

Having acted in various dramas, the actor was asked to pick a role which is the most memorable to him. He shared that all of them were memorable but would pick his character in ‘Bad Guys’ as the most memorable.

Yoo Jung, the character that Park Hae Jin played in the drama ‘Cheese in the Trap’ is known to be romantic. Unlike his character in the drama, Park Hae Jin admitted that, in reality, he is not as romantic as he has portrayed. He added that he is from Busan and he shares the personality of a Busan guy where they could be known to be “less warm” in character. Park Hae Jin further described himself as a more introverted person when speaking about his ideal type – someone who is loving and caring, and has a similar personality to him.

While answering the questions from the media, the sweet and thoughtful actor never failed to interact with his fans – captivating them with his charming smile and waving to them.


A fan who had a coriander in her hand caught the attention of Park Hae Jin. Upon seeing it, he responded with a laugh and said in Chinese “I have a lot of coriander.”  This was certainly due to his reaction to the unexpected fan gift of a coriander he had received in his recent trip to China. He burst out laughing when he saw the gift; he had said in an interview that he likes coriander.

The press conference ended with a surprise handshake event where the fans got to take a closer look at the charming actor. Park Hae Jin went around the barricades to shake hands with his fans and some lucky fans also had the chance to take a selfie with him.


Kpopnesia would like to extend a huge thank you to Faith & D Entertainment  for giving us this wonderful opportunity to cover Park Hae Jin’s media conference in Singapore.

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