Holotive Global to launch Southeast Asia’s first-ever dedicated holographic theatreat Sentosa

K-live Sentosa will enable fans to watch virtual concerts of K-Pop superstars any time.

Singapore, February 23, 2016 – Southeast Asia’s first dedicated K-pop holographic theatre, K-live Sentosa, was launched in Singapore today. In its inaugural foray outside of South Korea, K-live Sentosa will be located at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Waterfront.

First introduced in Seoul, South Korea, in 2014, K-live has attracted over 200,000 visitors from around the world. The captivating experience of a high definition virtual concert makes K-live an entertaining digital attraction for visitors.
With its launch in Singapore, K-live Sentosa pays perfect homage to the best of the Korean culture and its cutting-edge digital technologies – by seamlessly combining high-tech holographic content starring popular Korean pop stars such as Wonder Girls, 2PM and GOT7. The Singapore edition has been enhanced through the addition of original traditional and modern dance performances to make for a more holistic experience.

“As much as they’d love to, top K-pop acts are not able to make multiple visits to perform in Singapore within a short period of time. Likewise, fans may also not have the resources to travel to overseas performances. Now, with K-live Sentosa, fans can immerse themselves in a larger-than-life K-Pop experience from their favourite artistes anytime they want,” said Mr Sean Park, Director of K-live Sentosa.
Designed to make visitors feel like they’re attending a real-life concert, the experience is made even more engaging with the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies and a myriad of special effects.”

“We are thrilled to welcome K-live Sentosa as the latest addition to RWS, located within the vibrant Korean cluster of the finest Korean-themed food and beverage outlets as well as retail concepts at RWS’ Waterfront. With the increasing popularity of the Korean Wave or Hallyu in Singapore, hosting the region’s first dedicated K-pop holograhic theatre makes for a perfect fit as we continue to refresh and expand our diverse offerings at RWS. We are confident that K-live Sentosa’s rich and visually immersive K-pop experience will appeal to new and repeat visitors, in particular, local and foreign fans of Korean culture and entertainment,” said Ms Serena Phua, Vice President, Estate Management, RWS (梁秀燕, 圣淘沙名胜世界物业管理部副总裁).
To keep visitors and K-pop fans continually engaged, the holographic content for K-live Sentosa will be updated every six months, releasing new virtual songs from the top trending K-Pop artists. Similarly, the live performances will be changed every three months.

GOT7 Press Conference Official Photo

The boys of GOT7, present at the official launch event on 23 February 2016, took part in a Q&A session with media.  A ticketed mini fan meeting with 70 lucky GOT7 fans also happened later in the evening at 8pm after the Q&A session.

GOT7 Mini Fan Meet Official Photo

About K-live
K-live is the world’s first commercial holographic theater – launched in Seoul, South Korea, in 2014 by KT Corporation, Korea’s largest telecommunications provider. K-live possesses the digital facilities and technology to apply holographic images, projection mapping, tele-presence solutions, and Augmented Reality attractions.
K-live offers virtual concerts and educational contents for audience and presents a variety of contents such as the “K-pop Experience”, starring famous K-pop stars as PSY and Bigbang, “Science Show Body Museum”, and a hologram drawing show, “Let’s Go”. Since its initial launch in 2014, it has drawn over 200,000 visitors from around the world. The captivating virtual concerts with premium sound systems present exciting experience for audiences.

About K-live Sentosa
K-live Sentosa is the first holographic theatre in Singapore which is built and operated by HOLOTIVE Global Ltd. As K-live’s first foray outside of South Korea, K-live Sentosa exclusively produces its original contents and live performances for the theater. The current cast includes Wonder Girls, 2PM and GOT7, all of who have a huge fandom worldwide. K-live Sentosa also features live dance performances – from traditional to modern dance; connecting artistic factors of eastern and western and past & present cultures. With a combination of holographic technology and cultural values, K-live Sentosa will offer new experiences and unforgettable memories.

About HOLOTIVE Global
HOLOTIVE Global is the only company in Korea that possesses its own hologram platform through research and development. It provides a new media experience in the areas of performance, exhibition, advertising, applying various hologram fused contents to which its own hologram platform. HOLOTIVE Global aims to be the best hologram platform company in the world through overseas business development with its various hologram and holographic technologies, and its starting point is K-live Sentosa in Singapore.


Kpopnesia would like to congratulate Holotive Global and K-Live Sentosa successfully launched Southeast Asia’s first-ever dedicated holographic theatre in Singapore at Sentosa!

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