In the last day of 2016 January, INFINITE comes to Hong Kong to hold their second World Tour  “INFINITE EFFECT” It has been more than two years for Hong Kong Inspirit to witness INFINITE live performance in Hong Kong.


On 31st January, at HKT 19:00 in the Hall 10 of Hong Kong Expo, Infinite started the show by “BTD”, “Be Mine”, and “Paradise”. As most of you knows, Infinite is famous by their united dance performance, with these powerful songs, Inspirit (Infinite’s fanclub name) cheers loudly and even sings with them.


Indeed, they also have their own solo stage, such as Woohyun sings “Everyday”which is a song composed by himself, and sub-unit of Infinite, like Infinite-H and Infinite-F also performed, while Infinite-F is performing “Heart-beats”, Sungyeol, L and Sungjong throw paper plane with their signs to fans.

Not only powerful dancing songs, Infinite also performed new song like “For you”. During this song, members all dance with a mic-stand.

As it is closed to Woohyun’s birthday, Leader Sungkyu pretended his earphone has got some problems and had to go to backstage to fix it. However, when Sungkyu comes out again, he comes out with a birthday cake which surprised all the members and Inspirits there. Woohyun thanks to all who have helped to prepare this surprise and pretended he wants to cry. But of course, he didn’t cry as it is a happy moment.

Near the end of the concert, Infinite sang “Together”and said thankyou to Hong Kong Inspirits by little Cantonese. Leader Sungkyu even use Cantonese to wish Hong Kong Inspirit have a Happy New Year as Chinese Lunar New Year is coming in next week. L said he is the Baby of Hong Kong Inspirits and Hoya said he will never forget today. When Sungjong is using English to say comments to Hong Kong Inspirits, Sungyeol noticed the script on screen and can’t stop laughing.

The whole concert lasted more than 2 hours and ended in happiness.

2015 INFINITE 2ND WORLD TOUR [INFINITE EFFECT] IN HK Presented by: Jacso Entertainment

KPOPNESIA would like to thanks Jacso Entertainment for the opportunity to cover this event!

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