[COVERED] GOT7 in Singapore, the grade ‘A’ fan meet 2015

GOT7inSG-02December 06, 2015 — GOT7 was back in Singapore for the second time after their first fan meet in April. As the last performer of SGKstar2015 weekend, their arrival was highly anticipated.

Multi-national Korean boy group, with seven members namely, JB, Mark, Junior, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. Despite having only debuted for less than two years, the group is getting recognition and popularity worldwide. GOT7 was ranked top for Twitter keywords for music category in Korea and ranked second worldwide, showing their tremendous popularity all around the world.

The hall was filled with screams of excitement from the fans as the light dimmed and the members slowly showed up on the stage. The boys of GOT7 dressed in all black outfits began the show with ‘Stop Stop it’ and their debut track ‘Girls Girls Girls’.


All the members then introduced themselves to the fans both as a group and individually. They did not upset their label of multinational group as they greeted the fans in different languages.
After the interval, the fan meet moved on to the interactive game session with the fans – the game of ‘charades’. The members, especially Jackson, showed off his charm as variety star. The fans were rewarded with autographed posters and group photo with GOT7.

GOT7 continued with another performance of their hit track ‘Just Right’. The lovely and playful rhythm of the song made the fans more than thrilled. Their latest hit track, ‘If You Do’ was then performed after, the complex choreography and the charisma of the members brought the hotness of the stage to its highest.

The second round of the interactive games was the game of musical chair. All the members are equally excited as the fans as they were playing the game. Lastly, the winner of the game earned herself a group selfie with the boys.

Following on, GOT7 performed their latest released Christmas theme song ‘Confession song’ and continued with a live version of ‘Playground’ which had the fans waving their light sticks and singing along with the group.

During an interval, the youngest member Yugyeom and Youngjae had a staring battle which broke out into a dance battle later on with Jackson’s beatboxing. Both members have certainly charmed the fans in their own ways.

While the fan meet was nearing its end, fans surprised GOT7 with an event prepared beforehand – a fan-made video and touching banner message saying ‘우리가 늘 너희 곁에서 끝까지 함께 걸어갈게 (We are always by your side, walk together with you till the end).’ We will always be by your side and walk together with you to the end.

The fan meet filled with laughter and remarkable performances from GOT7 ended with another round of performance of ‘Magnetic’ and ‘Bounce’ and a hi-5 session that was held right after, leaving everyone an unforgettable memory.

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