[COVERED] DAY6 held their first fan meet in Singapore 2015


December 05, 2015 — The 6-member rock band DAY6 consisting of Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Junhyeok, Wonpil, and Dowoon held their first ever fan meet in Singapore.

These talented boys of the band DAY6 debuted on September 7, 2015 with mini album titled ‘The Day’. Despite only less than 3 months from debut, the band is already receiving much popularity, having a solo concert held in Seoul and also a fan meet in Singapore

DAY6 started the stage with songs from their mini-album – ‘Out Of My Mind’, ‘Habits’ and ‘You’ while jamming up their own instruments. The band impressed the fans with their very own version of Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ and also a rendition of One Republic’s ‘Stop and Stare’. The songs successfully hyped the mood of the audiences while surprising the crowd with their tremendous talents.

As a tradition for fan meet, lucky fans were once again picked to go up on stage to play games with the members of the band.

The first game was the game of ‘Identity’ where members of Day6 were supposed to stand behind each blind folded fans and whisper words to their ear. The fans were to guess the member that stood behind her.

The following game was called ‘drawing down the lane’ and the members showed their unique artistic talents and creativity in drawing.

The band then took back the stage with more splendid performances of ‘Like That Sun’ and ‘Colors’. During the performance of their debut song ‘Congratulations’, fans sang along enthusiastically with the band in harmony.

Before their encore stage, the fans surprised the members with a fan-made video of memories of their past and a belated birthday celebration for the member Young K.
Young K was touched and thanked the fans with tears in his eyes. He said that it was a memorable night for him that he will never forget.

The boys wrapped up the fan meet with a medley of Bruno Mars’ hits and also their own track ‘Freely’ before proceeding with a Hi-5 session with the fans.

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