[COVERED] Korean heartthrob Ji Chang Wook in Singapore 2015


Singapore, 6 December 2015 – Korean heartthrob Ji Chang Wook made his first official appearance in Singapore as Shokubutsu brand ambassador on 6 December 2015, Sunday.

160 lucky winners from a Shokubutsu event had the chance to meet and interact with the actor up-close at a private fan meet held at The Westin Singapore. Ji Chang Wook has certainly captivated these lucky fans with his heart-warming personality and heart melting smile during the fan meet – giving out hugs and autographs to fans who had the lucky opportunity to go on stage for a few games segment with the actor.

After the private fan meet, Ji Chang Wook made a public appearance at Suntec City which attracted a massive crowd trying to catch a glimpse of the charming actor.

Prior to the two events, Ji Chang Wook met the media at a press conference, where we got to know the actor a little better.

Ji Chang Wook expressed his gratitude for being invited to Singapore and also the opportunity for being appointed as the ambassador of Shokubutsu. Despite not having much promotional activities in Singapore, Ji Chang Wook received huge support and warm welcome, and he is extremely thankful for that. He also seemed to take a liking to the warm weather in Singapore as he mentioned the cold weather in Korea right now.

“I was filming a movie in Korea right before I came here to Singapore. It was the last day of filming and it ended well. I am also filming a drama in China now,” the actor shared about his recent schedule. In fact, Ji Chang Wook almost missed his flight to Singapore due the movie filming. “I really ran (for my flight to Singapore),” he laughed as he added.

As an actor, Ji Chang Wook said that there are many roles in dramas he has yet to play and also expressed his interest in portraying different roles in dramas.

With a charming look, Ji Chang Wook was also complimented for his great skin complexion. He revealed his approach to keeping his complexion healthy would be to eat and sleep well despite his hectic schedule. In addition, he shared that getting a shower and lying down after a long day of work would be the most relaxing for him.

Being referred to as a 暖男 – a thoughtful, warm and caring man, Ji Chang Wook thinks that his role in his dramas would be the most influential reason for this image and title. However, aside from his role, Ji Chang Wook shyly confessed that in reality, he is one as well – “Please introduce me as a really warm and gentle guy,” the actor said.

Besides being a warm guy, Ji Chang Wook admitted his playful personality as he likes to joke and pull pranks on people.

“Maybe about 7.5,” Ji Chang Wook laughed as he rated himself when he was asked to rate his own attractiveness – but not before claiming that it was a tricky question where he could not rate himself too high nor too low.

At the end of the press conference, Ji Chang Wook shared about his upcoming plans in 2016 which includes the release of the movie that he was filming, actively participating in other works and holding fan meetings and concerts as well. Other than acting, Ji Chang Wook also expressed his love and interest in music even though no concrete plan has been laid out at the moment.


Kpopnesia would like to extend a huge thank you to Lioncorp and Shokubutsu for giving us this wonderful opportunity to cover this event!

Article by: Sy
Photo by: Sy & E

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