29 Nov, 2015, in Hong Kong Expo Hall 10.

Debut in 2011, but it’s the first time for B1A4 to meet their Hong Kong fans (Banada).


The concert started at around 8PM, B1A4 with casual smart look, use “In the Air”as the opening song for the show. It has been a long time for Banada to wait for witness a live performance of B1A4, so Banada all sing along with them, they cheers a lot and the atmosphere was great as ever! Then they sang “Solo Day”and had a short greeting with Banada.

“If…” is performed after that, it is not surprised that Hong Kong Banada can sing the whole song with B1A4 and cheers loudly to them, but their effort is highly appreciated as you can feel the members of B1A4 are performing happily with the fans support that Baro even said Hong Kong is the best place during their tour.

Members all use Cantonese to introduce themselves to Hong Kong Banada, like “nice to meet you”, and also use English to communicate with fans, more than that, they also teach Hong Kong Banada to dance “Whats happening”.


“OK”, “Beautiful target” were also sang in the concert,  but not only performing powerful songs, B1A4 also sang a lot slow cantus to Banada, such as “Wait”, and “Love Then”.


There is VTR to show the mission that they have completed earlier before coming to Hong Kong. After it, members all wore animals outfit to perform, Leader as a fox, CNU as a bear, Baro as a squirrel, Sandeul as a duck and GongChan as a dinosaur.

Near the end of concert, they all say something to Hong Kong Banada. CNU, “We long to come to Hong Kong, and it is happy to hold concert here during this tour, and feels grateful to see many of you come.” Leader JinYoung said he has noticed many Banada holding a slogan saying “The first dating in four year.” He said the dating is unforgettable and feeling very happy. Even more, “Hong Kong is famous for Night view, so we all went to witness it yesterday night, but today, I have found something more beautiful than Hong Kong nightview.”Leader JinYoung praised Hong Kong Banada.


At the Encore part, they threw water to fans and dances together with Banada, making the concert hotter and hotter. Finally, the concert last around 2 hours and ended by happiness.


B1A4 ADVENTURE 2015 LIVE IN HONG KONG Presented by: Jacso Entertainment

KPOPNESIA would like to thanks Jacso Entertainment for the opportunity to cover this event!

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