27 Nov, 2015, in Hong Kong Expo Hall 10.

Since BTOB debut in 2012, it is the first time for them to come to Hong Kong to hold their own concert. Before the opening, their fans (Melody) all turn on the blue hand light and lightening up the whole venue as a blue ocean.


The boys started the concert with “wow”, wearing black suit, and sing along “Thriller”. After that, they greeted Hong Kong Melody by Chinese and English, such as “Thankyou” and “I Love You” in Cantonese. It makes the fans scream even louder.


As Christmas is coming, BTOB said they would like to have a pre-celebration of Christmas with Hong Kong Melody first. They brought out some Christmas outfit and wore it in front of Melody. While they are changing the outfits, members all said feeling very shame as it is the first time for them to changing outfits in front of many girls. They sang “The Winter’s Tale”and “You Can Cry”to pre-celebrate Christmas. Meantime, some shredded paper was thrown all over the stage, making it like a snow scene, full of joyful and romance.

Besides, there is VTR showing the time when BTOB first got the 1st place in music show. But at that time, member SungJae was busy on drama filming so couldn’t share the happy moment with members.  So Leader EunkWang asked SungJae to pretend he’s in the music show now, getting the 1st place, asking him to say something, but SungJae just keep making moans making the fans laugh.


As the concert is near Member MinHyuk’s birthday, so Hong Kong Melody has prepared a special event to celebrate Leader and MinHyuk’s birthday together. Hong Kong Melody in the venue all put up their hands, holding the birthday slogan and singing Birthday song to them in Korean. It makes the members felt so touching and almost cry. Leader even said “we, this time come to Hong Kong to hold concert, can also celebrate the birthday with all of you guys, making it as the most memorable day in 2015 in my life.”

During the concert, they also thrown many roses and  signed balls to fans. What’s more, some members even went down stairs of the stage to have a more closer time with fans.

Near the end of the concert, BTOB promises Hong Kong Melody that they will more often to come to Hong Kong. And said that it is thankful to have Melody with them coming along these years, and hope that Melody can be with them in the future also.


They sang “Catch me”and “Hello” to end their first Hong Kong concert.  The whole concert last around 2 hours, and it’s full of happiness, joyful and excitement. All of the members in BTOB is so cute, they always say in Chinese and English to have communication with Hong Kong Melody which makes the concert more special.

2015 BTOB CONCERT IN HONG KONG  Presented by: Jacso Entertainment

KPOPNESIA would like to thanks Jacso Entertainment for the opportunity to cover this event!

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