[COVERED] GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Manila Press Conference

November 14 (Saturday), 2015 – Taking Asia by storm, the boys of popular Korean boyband GOT7 made their 2nd appearance in the Philippines by holding their first ever fan meeting in Manila, Philippines. Before the highly anticipated fanmeeting, we had the honor of being invited to a press conference with the boys themselves and some lucky fans that was held at Gateway Cineplex. Though it was short, it was an enjoyable time for the fans and the boys as they answered questions and also interacted with the spectating fans. This diverse boyband has captured fangirl’s hearts with their charming and quirky replies to the questions and also their well manners despite being stuck in traffic before the press conference.

The boys even consoled the nervous MCs who were astonished by their charming looks by telling them not to be too nervous and to take a deep breath. How lovely!

Q1. GOT7 has gotten a lot of interesting concepts from cute to the recent Sexy with comeback hit “If you do”, which one do you personally prefer?

Bambam: “Of course sexy, we have been waiting for this for two years.”

Even participating fans agree with the Sexy Concept being the best-suited concept for the boys.

Q2. What did you feel about your first Music Show win?

Jaebum: “It was a great honor for us, and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of the staff and fans that have supported us throughout this promotion. And we will continue to work harder for the fans.”

Q3. It’s already your 2nd visit to Manila, are their any local dishes that you like and want to try again?

Bambam: “We had a lot of Philippine cuisine last night and my personal favorite is the shrimp and Kare-Kare.”

Jackson: “Mango is the best.”

Jinyoung then joked by saying that he likes Jackson the most.

Q4. Besides Manila, are there any other places that you would like to visit?

Jaebum: “Firstly, I heard that there is a really beautiful island called Bohol Island. I’d like to go there with the members to have fun and relax. Also, I would like to try Halo halo.”

Jackson then joked with the crowd saying that he’d like to go to the mango tree in the Philippines.

Q5. If you could spend a longer time in the Philippines, are there any activities you’d like to do?

Bambam: “We’d like to hold a concert or a show here for the fans.”

Jaebum: “We would like to visit famous tourist attractions of the Philippines and delicious restaurants.”

Bambam: “We’d also like to have dinner with our fans.”

Q6. Do you have any anticipation for the fanmeeting later?

Bambam: “We’ll not reveal anything here, we’ll see you at the fanmeeting.”

Jackson: “However, Yugyeom has prepared something to say.”

Yugyeom: “GOT7 and the fans will be playing games together.”

Q7. Are there any memorable moments from the Philippine fans?

Jaebum: “We were welcomed very enthusiastically by the fans. At the airport and at the fanmeeting location after our rehersal.”

Q8. Philippino fans are known very enthusiastic about their reactions, if you could give the fans back something, how would you show them?

Jackson: “Through Aegyo.”

Mark then showed Aegyo to the fans.

Yugyeom also danced for the fans, accompanied by Jackson’s beatboxing.

Q9. Are there any songs that you’d like to dedicate to your fans?

Jaebum: “Our new repackaged song that would be coming out, we hope that you’d like it.”

Bambam: “And also Just Right. As our fans are Just Right for us.”

The press conference ended with the boys telling fans to anticipate their fan meeting that would be held a few hours after. It was a fun time, filled with laughter from the boys and the fans. We were able to get to know the members a little better and also know that amidst all the things that they like about the Philippines, it is still the fans that matter the most to them.

Kpopnesia would like to extend a huge thank you to All Access Productions for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this fun-filled time with the boys of GOT7.

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