[COVERED] INFINITE holds successful concert in Singapore for 2nd World Tour “INFINITE EFFECT”


Two years may not seem like a significantly long time, but it certainly was for Inspirits, the fans of seven-member Korean boy band Infinite in Singapore. It has been two years since the boy band visited Singapore for their first world tour “One Great Step”. After two years of waiting, Infinite was finally back in Singapore for their second world tour “Infinite Effect”, held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre last Friday, November 13.

The concert hall was filled with sheer excitement of Inspirit holding their yellow light sticks in hand, eagerly anticipating for the start of the show. Their excitement was palpable as they erupted into loud cheers when Infinite appeared on stage. The boys donned in white outfits, kicked off the concert with an impressive start of their title track ‘Before the Dawn’ from their 2nd mini album and continued to heat up the stage with hit tracks ‘Paradise’ and ‘Be Mine’.


Due to an injury, Infinite member Hoya was unable to join the other members in performing. Despite that, the boys still managed to pull off a great performance while Hoya was seated on one side of the stage, delivering the performance on vocals. Hoya expressed his regret and apologised during an interval while the boys greeted the fans. The boys took turn to introduce themselves in English; particularly L who introduced himself as “I’m your darling, L. XD” triggered squeals among the fans – not forgetting Sungjong and Hoya who said “I’m your Angel, Sungjong.” and “I’m shuài gē (handsome guy) Hoya.” respectively.


After the greetings which caused much laughter and endless screaming from the crowd, Infinite moved on to perform ‘Destiny’ and ‘Tic Toc’. The atmosphere took a complete change when the boys began to serenade their fans with the beautiful melodies of ‘Footsteps (Walk to Remember)’, ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Between You & Me’.


The solo and special stages were undeniably the highlight and highly anticipated performances of the night. Woohyun started off with a strong vocal performance of his new self-composed song ‘Everyday’ as fans in concert hall held up identical banners that said “I dreamt of Woohyun’s solo”. Infinite H, consisting of members Dongwoo and Hoya, took over the stage with ‘Sorry, I’m Busy’ and ‘Pretty’, moving around and off the stage to get a closer interaction with fans. Sunggyu impressed the audience with one of his latest solo track ‘Kontrol’ while fans chanted along to his name. The final special stage with L, Sungyeol and Sungjong had the fans up from their seats as an upbeat and familiar tune of Infinite F’s ‘Heartbeat’ sounded in the hall. The trio finished off their stage with ‘My Girl’ while they threw soft toys out to their fans.


Infinite then switched into a more casual outfit as they played out their new song ‘For You’ and had the fans singing along as they performed ‘Nothing’s Over’. Fans were showered with lots of fan services and interactions while the boys moved around stage, getting closer to their fans with the following performances ‘Entrust’ and ‘Cover Girl’.

In a new outfit after the lively stages, Infinite performed the new tracks from their latest album, ‘Take Care of the Ending (Up to You)’ and ‘Moonlight’. Loud cheers and fan chants enveloped the hall as soon as Infinite belted out their hit tracks ‘Back’, ‘The Chaser’ and ‘Bad’.

The concert was drawing to an end as Infinite performed their debut track ‘Come Back Again’ and their last song of the night, ‘Together’ after the boys expressed their heart felted thanks and appreciation to the fans’ love and support. Sungyeol did not forget to mention his favourite statement “If you ever cheat on us, I will chase you to the end of the world. I mean it! XD” The boys who promised to return to Singapore and also prepared short but heart-warming speeches in English for the fans has no doubt left a unforgettable memory for the Inspirits in Singapore.

Apart from the concert, Infinite also made a public appearance at the City Square Mall on the 12 November for an open press conference, giving fans the chance to meet the group ahead of the concert.

Photo courtesy of organizer AC Music Entertainment.

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