[COVERED] An extra‘Ordinary’ fan meet with BEAST in Singapore

BEAST05 BEAST held their “Ordinary” Fan Meet on September 24th at Suntec Convention Centre 601 to 604 in Singapore.


Screams and laughter concluded Beast ‘Ordinary’ Fan Meet 2015 in Singapore. The two hours fan meet showed us different side of Beast. But one thing is certain, BEAST never fails to surprise the fans. The fans in Singapore who have been anticipating their return since their last visit three years ago.

Beast started the fan meet with their new song “YeY”, and hit song “Good Luck” successfully hyped up the audience. The members then greeted the crowd with self-introductions and their intelligent shout-outs. The boys moved on to perform other popular songs such as “12:30” and “Fiction”.

After the performances, the MCs showed up on the stage to have a small interview with the members, followed by a simple quiz game about Singapore. The first question was the national flower of Singapore, it was a trick question because none of the answers are correct. The members got the hint from the audience. Unfortunately, at the end of the game, DuJun scored the least points and got punished by the members. Beast continued their performances with “On rainy day”, “I Think I Love You” and “Special”.

The second game was an interactive game with the lucky fans called the Whisper Game. The members had to listen to popular Singaporean songs through earphones and the partner fans had to guess the song. DuJun’s partner is not from Singapore so it was difficult for her to guess the title of a Singaporean song. DuJun went anxious as the fan’s expression showed that she was completely clueless, he shouted in both English and Korean:
“She’s from HongKong! HongKong! Aishh this is really annoying!” The crowd burst into laughter because of his hilarious reactions. The winner was JunHyung and his partner; this lucky fan won herself a chance to take a selfie with JunHyung.


BEAST did their final greetings after performing Shock and Shadow. The members expressed their gratitude towards their fans, and how unforgettable the night was. KiKwang said that he could not stop smiling because of all the great time he had. JunHyung spoke with only English, though it was not so fluent, his sincerity once again melted the heart of the fans. The fan meet ended with encore songs, “Beautiful Night”, “How to Love” and “Encore”. After the fan meet, the boys proceeded with a hi-touch session with the fans.

Thanks to BEAST and B2UTIES for the memorable night and hopefully BEAST will come back to Singapore soon!

We would like to thank Three Angles Group and IME Productions Singapore for extending the invitation to attend this Fan-Meet!

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This Fan-Meet is jointly organized by Three Angles Group and IME Productions Singapore.

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