[COVERED] 1st SH Power Music with BTS and KM

For the first time in Jakarta. BTS came to Indonesia a day before the event, BTS greet media only 10minutes before they start the HiTouch & Photo Session with VVIP ticket holders.


on 6.03pm the event starting with KM a girl group that with Indonesian-Korean Concept and well-trained under korea producers for a years. The perform 5 songs Including Heundeul Heundeul, Temptation, No Way, Hampa, Back to Me. “We really thankful to SH Ent & BTS Fans who give us the opportunity to perform here at 1st SH Power Music” told the member of KM. After KM performance Fans keep shouting “BTS BTS BTS….” and BTS out with the MC and interpreter for their fanmeeting, this fanmeeting including Q&A Session and Quiz Session

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BTS start with greetings to the fans and start to introduce themself one by one “Halo… Nama saya Jin” the greet the fans in Indonesian language and of course all the fans are screaming so happily when they hear BTS talk in Bahasa.

BTS_2 copy

the 1st question, “BTS did you know that you have this a lot of fans in Indonesia?”, “We don’t really know that we have this many fans, we really happy to see that ARMYs Indonesia is this many and pretty.”

2nd question, “Do you have any plan to do in Indonesia?”, “Since we only came here yesterday, we couldn’t have time to go around.” (Hope next time you’ll be able to have a holiday in Indonesia).

3rd question, “Do you have any specific food that you want to try?”. “For me I want to try Rendang, I want to try otak – otak, and I know Indonesian food are delicious but I want Indonesian Coffee.” replied J Hope, Jin, Jimin.

After that a special cake out for Leader Rap Monster since on Sept 12 is his birthday so the fans prepare a cake for him, and when he said the rabbit on the top of the cake Rap Monster joke “Why there’s Jungkook on the cake?” and Member + Fans are singing Happy Birthday together for him.

Before move on to the Quiz Session MC asked once again, “How’s Indonesian Fans anyway?”

and BTS replied in Bahasa again “LUCUUUUUU….. CANTIK SEKALI” (cute & so beautiful).

Right after the Q&A Session, Quiz Session is starting.

MC ask member of BTS to imitate the gesture of the words that he showed the first one is Elephant, and BTS show it with their body gesture, every of them showed it in different style and its so cute to see it. Of course again the fans are screaming to see the cute gesture from each of member.

the second word that MC showed is Eating and each member showed it again in different body gesture again. Last one is ACT CUTE after that BTS member take a polaroid group picture in that super cute pose


So sad but the Q&A & Quiz session is done so fast. After a VCR break that show I NEED U MV. BTS back to the stage with the same outfit and sing N.O the performance really great with a cheer fanchats scream from ARMYs Indonesia. They continue, with NO MORE and after that Leader nim greet the fans again, “Yeah this is 1st SH Power Music with BTS, Once again nama saya Rap Monster, Nama Saya Jimin, Nama Saya V, Nama Saya Jungkook, Nama Saya J Hope, Nama Saya Jimin & Nama Saya Suga….” AWWWWWW and all the fans are screaming.

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“this is our first time coming to Indonesia. And we want to make something special for you. Do you know Miss Right? Anyone know Miss Right?”

“Yes we will do practise Miss Right? PRACTISEEEEEE” said Jin

fans start practise and sing along with BTS, “WOW PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT”


after that they continue to sing Miss Right and fans also sing along. “ARE U READY?” ask Rap Monster.

“YESSSS…” and they sing I rule the world, the cutes part is they change some of the lyric with Beautiful Indonesian Girls. Aw… so sweet :DD

All the fans are getting hotter and hotter J Hope even put off his vest and his fedora, Jin said “Hi Indonesia I love your sweet voice, BAGUUUUS” and Rap Monster checking the fans “Are you guys are getting tired?” and fans are replied “NOOOOOO…” so right after that they continue with War of Hormone and J Hope use his big black fedora back. We salute when BTS are singing Danger, the nonstop fanchanting are superb. fans didn’t stop the fanchant till the end of the song.

J Hope said so desperately “AHHHHH We have a bad news?” and Jimin ask “BAD NEWS?” with cute face. “is still going on…” and  Jimin said “OMAYGAAAAD” and they hug each other.

Rap monster keep asking “How do you feel tonight, Jakarta? ARE YOU READY?”. “Sugar are you ready?

“I AM READY” Sugar replied and I NEED U song starting.

fanchanting still on fire, ARMYs Indonesia keep sing along


BTS sing Boyz in Luv after that they go to backstage and less than 5 minutes

the screen shows the words, Are you still there? Are you still with us?, Are you waiting BTS?


they back with Black Basketball vest, Black shorts and White long T-shirt and continue they performance with DOPE. “How do you feel jakarta?” Ask rap monster, “Good… Please always be with us” said J Hope “Thank You Jakarta”.

Suga siad “Wow so good jakarta, love you so much”. and V also show his bahasa skill “TERIMAKASSSSSHHHHI” (he supposed to said Terima Kasih)

Jungkook siad “Terima Kasih I LOVE YOU ALL”. and Jimin added “Jakarta we’ll be back please wait for us”

last J Hope siad “KAMI CINTA KALIAN……” Rap monster wraps up “Once again thank you for inviting us to 1st SH Power Music with BTS and please give us support for our upcoming album” and Boyz with Fun started. The vibe was super awesome, everybody having fun and cheering non stop.

when they start singing Attack on Bangtan, V close his eyes with his red scarf and fool around to his member and fans, All fans are singing and jumping LALALALALA WHO ARE WE? WHO? THE RISE OF BANGTAN, also not forget to mention Jin and Jimin bromance moment he shake Jimin hair such a lovely hyung-dongsaeng moment. So, Indonesian ARMYs did you really having the best night?

BTS and Indonesian ARMYs closed the show with Happy Birthday song to Leader Rap Monster.

in Total, BTS sings 13 songs and perform around 1 hour and half, sure we looking forward for their concert as soon as possible. What do you think, ARMYs?

We also want to say thanks to SH Entertainment for the opportunity to covered this event. We looking forward for the next event.