17 Aug 2015, Monday, EXO held their second solo concert in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Asia Expo.

This is the second time for the most popular male boy groups EXO to come to Hong Kong. With the great support from their fans EXO-L, EXO held 2 days concert here.


At around 7:30PM, EXO started their show with hit song “Overdose”, and came with “History” and “El Dorado”. Such a long time for Hong Kong fans to witness EXO live performance, Hong Kong fans screaming loudly to show their love and support to their favorite group. As a return, EXO also shows great dance skills and singing as a thanks to fans.


After the powerful opening, EXO members went to the center stage to perform “Don’t Go”. The song name in Korean means Butterfly boy, and from the dance, we can see that EXO is acting like a butterfly to dance, they fly their wings, jump slightly, perfectly interpret the song. “Playboy” is being sang after it.


Then it came to EXO-K performance, they sang “Baby, Don’t cry” in the main stage, standing as a line. In this song, member Sehun and KAI also came out and dance in a small water pool. Lay, Chen and D.O. performed “My Answer” in Chinese version and gain lots of applause from fans.


VCR is also being played during the concert, whenever fans see their idols appear, fans cheers loudly and passionately.


Apart from the above songs, “The Star”, “Exodus”, “Hurt” is being performed. The atmosphere turned into such a Disco night, with Chanyeol performs at the center stage and surrounding by a huge light box, other members stand around it and sing. Fans are all jumping highly and excited.

After another VCR is played, the concert comes into other themes, EXO members wore cutely with some props like big spoon, singing “Peter Pan” and “XOXO” in Korean version, “Lucky” in Chinese version and “3.6.5” in both Korean and Chinese version. It feels like fans are in a parade or theme parks. Everyone is smiling brightly and of course, fans keep cheer for their favorite idol.


During mnet, EXO tries to say some Cantonese, like put your hands up and jump. As they say the words in Cantonese, fans feel more excited and react more actively. Lay asked Hong Kong fans what does it have in December and sings “Christmas Day” to Hong Kong fans with members. “The First Snow”, “Miracles in December”, “Full moon”, “machine”, “Drop that”, “Let out the Beast” and “Run” is sang one by one.

Though there is many hit songs from EXO, but there is always “a must” song for their fans to hear during watching EXO concert. Such as “Call me baby”, “Growl”, “Wolf”, “MAMA”. EXO of course did perform these songs, and once the melody is on, fans scream loudly and sang together with the artist.

The concert was officially ended by MAMA, but EXO came out for an encore. With the song “Promise”, all fans holds a slogan on the hand, saying that we will be together forever, promise. And the concert ended by the song “Angel” lastly.

EXO said they will come to Hong Kong again soon and asked fans to stay healthy till their next visit.

Fans cherish every moment while staying with EXO, when EXO members kidding that fans look tired and the cheers sound is not enough, all fans in Hong Kong Asia Expo scream as loudly as they can to response to EXO. As a little anecdote, at the ending mnet, Chanyeol keeps collecting chopped paper as much as he can, and to satisfy him, staff even gave him a hat full of chopped paper. When singing “Angel”, Chanyeol starts to throw the chopped paper he has collected to fans everywhere, by blowing, throwing and strewing. Indeed, when the curtain started to close from both side, EXO member Baekhyun acted like he is trying to use his arms to resist the closing of the curtain.

EXO PLANET #2 – THE EXO’LUXION- IN HONG KONG, Presented by: Media Asia

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