[COVERED] VIXX concludes their Live Fantasia Utopia concert on a successful note! #VIXX #빅스


VIXX concluded the final show of their tour, Live Fantasia UTOPIA in Singapore at The Max Pavilion, also marking their first visit since debut.

Prior to the concert, on 28 May, the media had the opportunity to meet with VIXX for an interview.
Kpopnesia was glad that we were able to grab a short interview with VIXX despite the limited time available due to VIXX’s schedule (recording for The 5 Show).

Q.01) This is the first time VIXX is visiting Singapore, are there any sight-seeing attractions that the group would like to visit?

N: There’s a Merlion in Sentosa and we’d like to visit Sentosa with all of our members together and also take pictures there. We love beaches and the nature so we hope that we’re able to visit Sentosa.

Q.02) As VIXX has performed in many countries already, is there any country that the group would like to perform at the most?

Ravi: Instead of just talking about one specific country, as long as there are fans that support VIXX and like our music, we would love to perform there.

Q.03) What are you most excited about for the concert? What can the audience expect from the concert?

N: Firstly, the members have prepared different solo stages and we really look forward to seeing the fans.

Q.04) Do you have any special message for Singapore Starlights?

Hong Bin: This is our very first visit to Singapore and we’re very thankful for the fans’ support and love. We hope that our fans can enjoy tomorrow’s concert and our charismatic performances that we’re gonna put up. Thank you.



VIXX concludes their Live Fantasia Utopia concert on a successful note! #VIXX #빅스



29 May 2015, Friday – The concert began with VIXX performing ‘On and On’ as the opening song, followed by ‘Voodoo Doll’, ‘Light Up The Darkness’ and ‘Secret Night’, before finally introducing themselves and greeting their eager fans.



VIXX kept their fans enthralled with the interaction while moving on to the first three solo stages by Ken, Ravi and Hyuk respectively. Ken amazed the fans with his vocals as he delivered a remarkable cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. Ravi took the stage with an impressive rap performance of his self-composed song ‘Ghost’. Hyuk wrapped up the first segment of the solo stages as he played the piano and serenaded the fans with Jeff Bernat’s Call You Mine, sweeping the audience off with his endearing charms.



A VCR of the members displaying various emotions had the fans screaming in anticipation even before they appeared on stage in red and black outfits to perform ‘Sad Ending’. VIXX continued to brighten up the atmosphere with ‘Say U Say Me’ and ‘Rock Ur Body’ before catching their breath to interact with the fans – evoking loud cheers and laughter from their fans as they broke into various fun and quirky moves.



A mellow and serene atmosphere enveloped the hall as soon as the boys started to perform their ballad ‘Love Letter’. The screaming from fans gradually subsided as they held up identical banners and gently waved their light sticks to the melody. VIXX continued with another ballad performance ‘Someday’ before moving on to the last three solo stages. Leo kept the mellow mood going as he blew the fans away with his vocals, performing his solo ‘Words to Say’. Hongbin impressed the audience with his powerful choreographed dance performance and last but not least, N who completed an eye-catching performance, blindfolded.

The concert was nearing its end when VIXX returned on stage and hyped up the fans with their dynamic performance ‘Hyde’, ‘Beautiful Killer’, ‘Eternity’ and finally ‘Error’ before leaving the stage to prepare for the encore stages.


The enthusiasm of the fans was remained at its peak till the very end as VIXX performed the last few songs of the night ‘Love Equation’, ‘From Now On, You’re Mine’ and expressed their gratitude towards their fans before closing the night with ‘G.R.8.U’.

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