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12 & 13 December 2014 – BTS successfully held their first ever Asian tour, titled “BTS Live Trilogy EPISODE II: THE RED BULLET.” in Singapore. Fans of BTS (also known as A.R.M.Y) had the opportunity to meet the boys of BTS for two consecutive nights on Friday, 12 December and Saturday 13 December 2014.

The night prior to the concert, BTS garnered a crowd of fans and onlookers as they made their appearance at the Main Atrium of Shaw House for an Autograph and High-five session – with the CAT1 VVIP ticket holders. In spite of the delay in the event, fans expressed their utmost excitement and anticipation with cheers and screaming upon their arrival. As soon as the boys were on stage, Rap Monster, the leader of BTS, spoke and apologised for the delay in fluent English.

Privileged fans that had the opportunity to get up-close with BTS were definitely charmed by the boys’ warm and friendly personalities.

The event ended after a round of autograph session with 100 fans followed by a high-five session.

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On Saturday, 13 December 2014, the night of the concert, fans filled The Star Theatre – The Star Performing Arts Centre to witness the incredible live performances by BTS.

BTS kicked off the concert with a powerful performance of “N.O, the title track of their first mini album, accompanied by loud cheers and screams from the fans. The boys continued to heat up the stage and serenade fans with a variety of performances – “We are Bulletproof Pt.2”, “Let Me Know”, “Just One Day”, “No More Dream”, “Tomorrow”, “Miss Right”, “War of Hormone”, “Danger”, “Boy in Luv” and various tracks from their albums, including “Cypher Pt.3: Killer” by the rappers of BTS – Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope.

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Apart from witnessing BTS’ dynamic live performances, the boys appeared with a different charm of themselves during intervals with their aegyo, interaction with the fans, speaking in bits of English and expressing their love for fans and Singapore – stealing the hearts of many. In return, fans displayed their endless support for BTS with cheers, sang along to their songs and even prepared fan projects for the boys during the performances.

The two-hour long concert came to a closure with the encore performances – “Path”, “Jump”, “Rise of Bangtan” and finally “Satoori Rap”. BTS had indeed put up an amazing performance throughout the night, leaving a remarkable impression on everyone at the concert.

BTS will be making their final stop for “BTS Live Trilogy EPISODE II: THE RED BULLET” Asia tour in Thailand this weekend.

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