Last Sunday was a dream-come-true for Indonesian Shawols. On June 22nd, 2014, SHINee had finally finished their solo concert in Indonesia. The concert was held in Mata Elang International Stadium, Jakarta, which becam the last stop for SHINee World Concert III tour. Unfortunately, the leader Onew didn’t manage to greet Indonesian Shawols at the concert. But the other 4 members; Kim Jonghyun, Key, Choi Minho, and Lee Taemin have successfully managed to wrap up the concert.

The concert started at 7.15 PM with ‘Spoiler’ as the opening song while the SHINee members wore suits as they performed the song. The concert continued with ‘Evil’ and the boys danced with their eyes closed by a cover tied surround their head. The stage was liven up as ‘Nightmare’ ‘Juliet’ and ‘Lucifer’ performed next by the boys.

After four songs, the members greeted fans and noticed banners of Onew that were lift up by fans. They said it was unfortunate he couldn’t come here but still ask for Shawols to support them until the end of the concert. Jonghyun said “Selamat Malam” then went backstage with Minho to change their clothes for the next performance, while Key and Taemin stayed on stage talking with fans. They asked the fans whether they miss SHINee and made the fans scream louder. After a few minutes Jonghyun, followed by Minho, came out from the back stage as it was Key and Taemin’s turn to change clothes. Jonghyun said it’s been a long time since the last time he went to Jakarta, while Minho informed the audiences this was the last concert of SHINee World Concert III tour and thanked all the fans who came that night.

After Taemin and Key came out from backstage, the SHINee members were getting ready for the next performances. Taemin announced the next song they were going to sing, which is “Like A Fire”. The performance was followed by another hit songs from their 3rd album such as “Dream Girl” and “Hitchhiking”.

A VCR was played as the boys went backstage again. The stage were set with some properties like it was in a musical show for the next performance of “Queen of New York”, “Aside”, “Sleepless Night” and “Orgel”. Next, they went back stage as another VCR was played on the screen. This time, the boys came out with more casual and colorful outfit. They performed more lively songs such as “Beautiful”, “Real”, and “3 2 1”. Minho, Taemin, and Jonghyun came down from the stage so the fans could saw them closer. Joghyun and Taemin even took pictures with fan’s camera.

The next performance, all the SHINee members changed their clothes into black suits. They performed “Destination”, “Dynamite”, “Ring Ding Dong”, “Amigo”, and “Everybody”. After those five songs were performed, they greeted the fans again. Key asked “Are you guys happy?” and informed that they were going to perform their last song. Jonghyun introduced the song and asked the audience to wave their hands together in the air because the song was a ballad song.

“Selene 6.23” was performed and fans lift up a placard that written “영원히 함께 해요!” which means “Be With Us Forever!”. As the song ended, they bowed to the fans, said thank you, and went off to the backstage.

The stage was empty and dark. Fans then started chanting “WE WANT MORE!” and “SHINEE” for many times as they requested for the encore performance. After a couple minutes of waiting and chanting, finally the boys came back to the stage and performed their hit songs “Sherlock”, “Why So Serious” and “Colorful”.

They paused for a while to have another talk session with the fans. Key asked the fans what they chanted a moment ago and laughed. The boys said it’s been 6 years after their debut and promised to work harder in the future. They were presented a sixth anniversary cake which had 5 mini dolls on it. Minho took Onew’s doll and played with it. The boys pretended to interview Onew and made impersonation of Onew’s voice.

After the cake was brought back by the staff, they continued to perform their last song which was “Green Rain” and the fans swayed their pearl aqua light stick along until the song ended. They bid goodbyes, bowed, and waved hands to the fans as they said this was their last greeting, then quitted the stage. Just when the fans thought the concert was over, the screen unexpectedly showed a video message from Onew that made fans gone hysteric to see the leader. On the video, Onew showed written messages on the papers instead of speaking as his voice was still in recovery. The messages was written in Bahasa showing his apologize because he couldn’t come to the concert. He promised the fans that he will come on SHINee concert in Jakarta next time. He also thanked fans and said he loved them. On the last message, it was written there “and for the members, get ready to give them special gift”. With that, the video message ended and the four SHINee boys suddenly came out from backstage again and perform their infamous sound track of Korean Drama Boys Before Flower “Stand by Me”. The performance was full of fan services for all the fans and also water fight between members, as usual.

As the song finished, it was a sign that the concert had finally come to its end. All of the SHINee members gathered at the center, giving their real last farewell greetings to the fans. They said, “it was a great pleasure to do our first concert in Jakarta. We had a great time thanks to all of our fans. Thank you so much for all of your supports, and we will keep doing our best for better music”. Key even imitated the translator saying “kembali bersama kak Onew ya!” which made everyone laughed. At last, the dancers joined the boys on the stage to bow and say goodbye to the audience. They also took a selfie with Shawols and pearl aqua ocean as the background.

Thank you SHINee for the great performance of the last SHINee World Concert 3 Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia. We hope you will come back to Indonesia with another concert, and full team of course! And thank you also for Synergism Entertainment for bringing the boys here.

See you at another concert!

Song list of Shinee World Concert III in Jakarta:

  1. Spoiler
  2. Evil
  3. Nightmare
  4. 4. Juliette
  5. Lucifer
  6. Like a Fire
  7. Dream girl
  8. Hitchhiking
  9. Queen of New York
  10. Aside
  11. Sleepless Night
  12. Orgel
  13. Beautiful
  14. Real
  15. 3 2 1
  16. Destination
  17. Dynamite
  18. Ring Ding Dong
  19. Amigo
  20. Everybody
  21. Selene 6.23


  • Sherlock
  • Why So Serious
  • Colorful
  • Green Rain

Special Encore:

  • Stand by me

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(All the photos credit to SMTOWN NOW)