[COVERED] 2NE1 ROCK Indonesia with their World Tour ‘All or Nothing’ Live in Jakarta

“We’re 2NE1. And we’re about to get crazy tonight. INDONESIA ARE YOU READY?!!!!” said CL the leader of 2NE1 to greet their Blackjack. Concert succeed makes 6000 fans from all over Indonesia and outside Indonesia came for their world tour ‘All or Nothing’ promoted by Synergism Entertainment.


The great show from CL, Park Bom, Sandara Park and Minzy, hypnotise all the fans to sing along with their song ‘Crush’ on the opening of their concert. Fans shows their enthusiastic and sing along their debut single ‘Fire’.

The crowed more hype and 2ne1 sing their popular song such as ‘Clap Your Hands’, ‘Missing You’, ‘Do you love me’, ‘I Love You’, and their new single from new album Crush, ‘Happy’ & ‘Come Back Home (Unplugged)’ they made all the fans melt with their best performance and beautiful voice.


This concert also showed the VCR of their concert preparation from Video Conference with the fans from all over the world and they also thought the fans about their concept for All or Nothing World Tour. The domination of Pink, White Red & Purple for this Concert Background Color. They also showed their funky army style for when singing ‘Pretty Boy’.


Of course this is one of the fans waiting, Solo performance from Leader CL with single ‘The Baddest Female’ and continue with ‘Mental Breakdown 맨봉’ all the fans get more hype with CL performance. A NONSTOP sing along from all the fans who came to MEIS.

2hour concert with full band and best backup dancer from YG Entertainment. Some of Blackjacks must be recognise the TWIN YG DANCER right? Donny and Duekie? They also perform and be paired with 2NE1 member. Most of Blackjacks Indonesia recognise them beside their great dancing move they also handsome. Isn’t it? We saw some of TWIN DANCER fans at the venue and holding a sign for them. We saw a couple times, Bom tells the twin when she saw some of the banner for twin.

CL said that she will never forget this concert and really happy to meet Blackjack Indonesia. She also promise to comeback to Indonesia as soon as possible. So let’s wait for their comeback. Dara keep trying to speak bahasa language “AKU CINTA PADAMUUU…….” She also discuss with the member about their travelling to Bali and also she love NASI GORENG. Last but not least CL jokes “I Love Blackjack even more than NASI GORENG” (LOL!!! We agreed with Leader CL thought, We love you too 2NE1).

Before 2Ne1 end their concert they bring ‘Go Away’ for their fans. After that they closed the concert, but thats not all the fans keep shouting “WE WANT MORE…. WE WANT MORE…” after that 2ne1 back to the backstage and the fans keep waiting while shouting “ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE!!!!”.

After quite long waiting and non stop shouting. 2ne1 give special surprise for Blackjack Indonesia they showed up in Standing Area and sing ‘Lonely’, ‘Gotta Be You’ dan ‘Can’t Nobody’. All the fans doing live interaction with CL, Dara in left area and Bom, Minzy in right area some of lucky fans also took selca and polaroid picture with 2Ne1. Bom and Dara keep took some gift that fans gave them. CL and Minzy also do handshakes to some lucky fans in Standing Area. Such an intimate and best moment ever for Indonesian Blackjacks.

The concert done, 2ne1 sing total 22 songs. We saw some of fans tearing and also chit chat their concert moment with their friends, We ask one of the fans she said, “This is one of the best concert that I can’t forget. Great stage setting, live band and of course 2ne1 performance is all out. Never forget and really happy to come to this concert”.

Set list songs from 2ne1 World Tour ‘All or Nothing’ live in Jakarta, Indonesia



Clap Your Hands

Pretty Boy

Don’t Stop The Music

Missing You

If I Were You

Come Back Home (Unplugged)


I Love You

Come Back Home

Gotta Be You

Do U Love Me?


The Baddest Female & Menbung ( CL solo )


I’m The Best!

Go Away




Gotta Be You

Can’t Nobody

Thank you for synergism entertainment for bringing 2ne1 to Indonesia. We looking forward for the next concert probably YG FAMILY CONCERT? We hope so….

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