[COVERED] Asian Dream Cup 2014 (Charity Match All Star Indonesia VS JS All Star)


On June 1st,

SH Entertainment as the promoter invite us to the Press Conference of Asian Dream Cup 2014 at Gelora Bung Karno. The press conference held at 5.30pm. All Indonesian Star Including some of indonesian artists such as Judika and Rico Ceper also participate in this event. After that, we all waiting around 20minutes before Park Ji Sung and his All Star team arrived. Running Man member (Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Gary, Ji Hyo & Lee Kwang Soo) also Korean Soccer Player such as  Lee Jung Soo, Cha Ki Seok and many more going up to the stage and give their warm greetings.

As you know all the profit from this event will proceed to help the South East Region to promote Soccer in their country through JS Foundation. Unfortunately there was a change as the flight from South Korea was delayed so there’s no Training Session, all the fans that has been waiting since afternoon was disappointed with this matter. Mrs. Monica as the director from SH Entertainment said, “We really sorry for this matter because the delay of their flight we have to cancelled the Training Session”.


on June 2nd at 6.15pm the opening ceremony of Asian Dream Cup 2014 is started. All Indonesian Star Player and JS All Star Player getting into the field. All the fans can’t stop cheering and keep shouting running man member names. All the member is listed to be play as the subtitusion player. Running Man member Lee Kwang Soo join the first line up alongside with Park Ji Sung and others.


10minutes after the game start JS All Star make their 1st goal by Tese Chong not long after that Ramdhani Lestaluhu from Indonesian All Star also make a score for the team. After 20 minutes the match running JS All Star change their team. Park Jisung change with Ji Suk Jin. All the fans are cheering him by screaming his name “Ji Suk Jin… Ji Suk Jin… JI SUK JIN….”


Indonesian All Star also make a substitution and not long after that Indonesian All Star make another goal by Ismed Sofyan. Seeing Indonesian All Star lead the score. JS All Star keep trying to made another goal and yeah Tese Chong make another goal for JS Team and there was a substitution player again.


During half time Indonesian Singer, Judika sing  I want to break free. And all the supporters are sing along together. After half time done. All team prepare again for the match. This time many substitution with Running Man member Haha try to play and after that change with Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook. Indonesian All Star team also does many substitution and before the match done Indonesian All Star made another goal for the team.


There was an unforgettable moment, when Lee Kwang Soo running around the Stadium and ask the fan to do wave. He looks really passionate while running and try to communicate with the fans. But after that he looks super exhausted and drained 0 energy. But it was FUN! all the fans were screaming whenever Kwang Soo running to their side.


Last but not least all some of the stars are changing their uniform and do a warm handshakes to each other, Ji Hyo also join the team and doing a handshakes with Indonesian All Star Team and We all enjoying the last performance by CRAYON POP. The girls were so energetic and Jumping Jumping with their iconic Helmet.


Thank you for SH Entertainment for giving us to cover this event and we can’t wait for another event that they’ll make in Indonesia. All the pictures source by SH Entertainment.