(Press Conference, 16 May 2014) ERU Hide and Seek with Lotte Duty Free

Prince of Ballad, ERU, once again prove his popularity in Indonesia by holding his second concert entitled Hide & Seek with Lotte Duty Free. During the press conference that took place at Ice Palace, Lotte Shopping Avenue (16 May 2014), ERU said that he will pop up somewhere among the audience in certain songs to give the vibe hide and seek. Through this concept he wants to engage with audience better. ERU press conference

ADA Band who presents during press conference as one of the guest star said that it will be their first time to perform at KPOP concert. Unfortunately, Ailee couldn’t attend today due to her busy schedule. ERU will sing approximately 20 songs from his own but also other kpop idol songs such as EXO, Super Junior and Big Bang songs just like his first concert last year. Indonesia has been a second for ERU since he already feel attached and grateful for love and support to him. Therefore, he wants to share emotional feelings with his fans.

This concert will be different because he brought a band and lots of back dancer to support his performance. Moreover, he promised to deliver special surprises to Indonesia fans. ERU Hide&Seek featuring Ailee and ADA Band with Lotte Duty Free brought by SH Entertainment will be held on:

Date    : Saturday, 17 May 2014

Time    : 7 pm

Venue  : Lapangan D Senayan