Nam Woohyun, is such a gentleman to the extent that made Anti-Fans results in a change of view and became his Fans


Infinite’s Woohyun shared a story about how he changed an anti-fan to his fans.
In the recording of 《Beatles Code 3D》, MC Shin Dongyeop asked Woohyun, “I heard that Woohyun said a couple of words that made some anti-fans become your fans.”
Woohyun explained that, “An anti-fan slightly insulted me in a straight face. But I couldn’t do the same so i said it jokingly, “Honey, you’re here” “Have you eaten” and gave my autograph.”

Expressed suprise, MC Shin Dongyeop said, “Usually would call the manager when this situation happened.”
Woohyun answered, “I want to make great memories with the fans.” “After all, popularity doesn’t last forever.”

Meanwhile, 《Beatles Code 3D》 will be broatcast on 25th March, Night 11PM.

(source: newsen/naver)