On last Saturday, November 27th, KPOP VAGANZA was held by Dreamers Radio in Piaza – Gandaria City. KPOPVAGANZA Commenity with Geeks & Phantom. Beside them, Indonesian Singer Alika & Boyband S4, 3GB Also Girlband SOS also perform at this event.

The show started at 2pm with SOS as the opening. SOS, girl band under Rainbow Bridge Entertainment. They sing their song Tik Tok. Afther that performance from Indonesian Boyband under Big Hit Entertainment , 3GB.  They sing 3 songs, “How gee” (cover from big bang), their own song “Tau Gak Sih”, and the last one their debut song.

Alika continued to heat up the stage with song “officially missing you” and her new hit song “Aku Pergi”. She successfully ended her stage by singing Exo’s “Baby Don’t Cry” which made audience sing along.

After Alika’s performance, SOS came up to the stage singig their debut song “Drop It Low”. Not waiting any longer, S4 came up with  a game with audiences, and held up a little birthday surprise for one of their member, Alif. S4 continued  by performing their powerful song “Drivig Me Crazy”.

At about 4pm, Phantom finally went up the stage. They were asked by the MCw to wear an Indonesian traditional outfit. After that, they started their performance with song, “Phantom City”, continued with their brand new song “New Era”, “Burning” and “Hole In Your Face”.

After fans had a lot of fun with Phantom, Geeks finally showed up to the stage and greet the fans. The crowd were so hyped as this duo hip hop entered the stage. Geeks were also asked by the MCs to wear Indonesian traditional clothes, like Phantom did. The first song they sang was Fly. After that, SOS’s J.L came up to the stage to feature with Geeks singing “Officially Missing You”. Lil Boy and Louis gave J.L hug after their collaborative performance. They countinued to perfom a rap song, then lastly geeks performed “moves Like Jagger” featuring Phantom’s Sanchez and S4’s Firly.

After that all the performance, Phantom and Geeks had a special time with 5 lucky fans. The 5 lucky fans go up to the stage and each of them got a chance to take a picture with Phantom & Geeks. What a lucky them! One of the phantom member do famous pose such as titanic, twilight, secret garden and ect. Whole venue were fulled by jealousy because of them.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to Phantom and Geeks. “2013 KPOP VAGANZA PARTY WITH GEEKS & PHANTOM BY DREAMERSRADIO.COM in JAKARTA” was ended by a performance from S4 with their debut song, “She’s my girl”.

Big thanks to Dreamers Radio to give us the opportunity to cover this event. We looking forward for the next kpop event!