[COVERED] AOA heat up the stage at Sundown Festival 2013


Sundown Festival 2013; Saturday, 16 November. The gorgeous girls from K-pop band AOA (AceOfAngels) started off with their sub-unit AOA Black, a five-member band which consists Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Youkyung and Mina! They showed up on stage with their instruments and performed their first song “Get Out”, and followed by “Moya”.


Excitement continues to ramp up as Hyejeong, Seolhyun and Chanmi, the rest of the members joined them on stage to introduce themselves. They were really sweet as they speak in multiple languages, Yuna greets in English, Jimin continued in Mandarin and Choa greeted the crowd with her fluent Japanese!


AOA – idol group consisting of 7 members (all members excluding Youkyoung) performed “Love Is Only You” and “Elvis”! And ended their performance with the latest hit track “Confused” from 4th Single Album Red Motion.

OS1A6267^photo by: Sundown Festival 2013‏

AOA definitely impressed the crowd with their wonderful vocals, live band performances and sexy-powerful dance as well as their lovely personalities!

Once again, sincerely thanks to Red Spade Entertainment and MSLGROUP for the media invitation!

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