[COVERED] A Supermassive CNBLUE World Tour ‘BLUE MOON’ in Jakarta

on October 19th, We came to Tenis Indoor Stadium for CNBLUE Concert. The Concert start at 7.01 the lights off and the concert is start to begin. Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Jungshin & Minhyuk are on the stage. All the fans scream… super WOW.  


We got the sit in right area near by Jonghyun standing place. But since we are in partial view we couldn’t see Minhyuk clearly. CNBLUE all in Black Outfit super cool. After Opening they sing Where You Are and One Time. “This is our 1st concert in Jakarta, Thank You for waiting. Kami senang bertemu dengan kalian” Yonghwa said then he continue “Apa kalian rindu kami? Apa kalian RINDU KAMI, Kamipun sangat RINDU KALIAN, you’re very beautiful. Thank you very much!” Yonghwa talk super fluently in Bahasa makes all the fans scream super crazy. Jungshin, Jonghyun & Minhyuk also greeting in Bahasa. After that Yonghwa talk again in Bahasa “Dulu konser kami pernah cancel. Jadi kami mempersiapkan hadiah untuk kalian. Saat masuk ketempat depan,sudah terima postcard kami”. Yeah in 2011 CNBLUE was schedule to come to Indonesia for their Concert. But it was cancelled that’s why yonghwa said about that. We really thankful that we got the gift also. Thanks Yong~

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After that CNBLUE continue the show and sings More Than You, Love Light. During Feeling Yonghwa play keyboard and than they continue to These Days & Y,Why. Finally we can see Minhyuk he move from the back side to the front side and talk to the fans “Apakah kalian semua PUAS? Aku cinta kalian…” then they sings LALALA, Just Please, Tattoo, In My Head, Intuition, I’m A Loner & I’m Sorry.


Before ENCORE, CNBLUE change their outfit to BLUE MOON Tshirt and play their best single such as Hey You and the newest single for samsung Feel Good also Love Girl. During Heartstring Yonghwa blowing a thousand kisses to Indonesian BOICEs he also scream “KIRI KANAN KIRI KANAN SAY YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH SAY CNBLUE….. CNBLUEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ Terimakassssssssssh” They continue playing Love and they closed their massive performance with Try Again, Smile Again. CNBLUE didn’t forget to take a pic w/ Indonesian BOICEs using their Samsung Galaxy S4.

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CNBLUE also said “Terimakasih kami cinta kalian. I’m very happy I really wanna comeback here I really wanna perform here. Sampai jumpa lagi I PROMISE. Thank you very much. AKU CINTA KALIAAAAAAAN”


We hope they will comeback to Jakarta & We can’t wait for their new album. Big thanks for the opportunity to covered this event.

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