Infinite, Boyband Group from South Korea has successfully hold their 1st World Tour concert ‘2013 INFINITE 1ST WORLD TOUR ONE GREAT STEP IN JAKARTA’ the concert take a place at Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol Beach City on August 31st, 2013.

INFINITE amazed their fans Inspirit with 26 Songs for about 3 hour concert. They show their best performance to all the fans in Indonesia. INFINITE want to feel more intimate with their Inspirit so they speak in English to communicate with Inspirit Indonesia. Around 5000 fans gathered from Indonesia and other country.

The Concert started with VCR. After that INFINITE Perform their latest single Destiny and Tic Toc. All the Inspirit are screaming and sing along with INFINITE after Tic Toc, INFINITE sing Paradise.


After that INFINITE Greet all Indonesian Inspirit ‘Selamat malam kami INFINITE!’. All the fans really surprise and very happy to hear their speaking in Bahasa. After that INFINITE perform Inception, Can U Smile & After that all the INFINITE Member show off their Solo Stage Performance.

1st Solo Stage Duo Sung (Sungyeol & Sungjong) Collaborate playing the turntable and sing their song 1/3. With the upbeat melody all the fans are dancing and feel the atmosphere, After that The sub-unit group INFINITE H (Hoya & Dongwoo) show off their Special Girl. The Audience are melting when L performance he sing Love U Like U with Acoustic Melody and L also playing with Big White Bear. After that Woohyun makes all the fans jealous cause when he sing Beautiful he gave a red rose & couple ring to the fans in Standing area. Last but not least, Leader Sunggyu give a warmth vibe to the fans with his single 60 sec.

While chit chat session INFINITE member surprise Indonesian Inspirit by singing Child’s Song Pelangi-pelangi all the fans followed and sing a long with INFINITE member.

Concert keep going INFINITE bring their best performance such as Nothing’s Over, Be Mine, Before The Dawn, Man In Love, The Chaser and their very 1st single Come Back Again (Dorawa) to all the fans.

Each member give their thoughts about their 1st World Tour Concert in Jakarta, and their really thankful to all the fans who came and always support them. They hope they can continue to make a good music and meet their fans really often “Terima Kasih, Aku Cinta Kalian…..” 

INFINITE was seeing the VCR from Indonesian Inspirit to All the INFINITE Member & There was a moment when Inspirit Indonesia Celebrating Sungyeol belated birthday & Sungjong Upcoming Birthday. INFINITE Closed their concert  by singing With. 


1. Destiny

2. Tic Toc

3. Paradise

4. Inception

5. Can U Smile

6. Going To You

7. Sungjong & Sungyeol solo stage – 1/3

8. Infinite H – Special Girl

9. In The Summer

10. I Like You

11. L solo stage – Love U Like U

12. Woohyun solo stage – Beautiful

13. Sunggyu solo stage – 60 sec

14. Pelangi – Pelangi (Indonesian Kids Song)

15. Mom

16. Still Miss You

17. Nothing’s Over

18. Entrust (맡겨)

19. Covergirl

20. Be Mine

21. Before The Dawn

22. Man In Love

23. The Chaser

24. Come Back Again

25. Hysterie

26. With

Thank you INFINITE & Thank you Synergism Entertainment for bringing INFINITE to Indonesia. We looking forward for the next kpop event!