A-Prince was back in Singapore once again, on 29th – 30th August, to meet their fans, also known as A-Lands, for their first ever Fan Party! The group has already made their visit to Singapore back in May, where they held their first ever showcase – and in less than 4 months, lucky A-Lands in Singapore got to meet their princes again, for the second time.

At the press conference, the 5 members of A-Prince warmly greeted the media and did their self-introduction one by one – from left to right – ‘Siyoon, the Cutie Prince’, ‘Minhyuk, the Sexy Prince’, ‘Sungwon, the Prince of Prince, also the leader of A-Prince’, ‘Woobin, the Pure Prince’ and lastly, ‘Seungjun, the Smile Prince’.


This time round, A-Lands in Singapore had the opportunity to meet A-Prince for an autograph session that was held at Bugis+ and a dinner with the boys on the 29th August, ahead of the press conference and fan party, held on the 30th. A-Prince revealed how they’ve always wanted to meet their fans up close, thus, it was definitely a great experience and memory for both the boys and the fans.

When A-Prince was asked about Singapore and their impression of the fans, it was no doubt they had a good and memorable one as they expressed their gratefulness towards both – the good memories they had here, the amount of love and support they received, the warm and pleasant treatment from fans, and they certainly miss the fans here in Singapore. The good memories they had in Singapore was also the reason they decided to have the MV for their song, My Lady filmed here.


Moving on, A-Prince talked about their song ‘Mambo’ and the teasers that were filmed in various locations in Korea. Siyoon brought up an episode where they had to dance Mambo at Gwanghwamum Square – a public place, crowded with people – however, rather than feeling shy, they were confident and proud to promote their song, Mambo. Besides the MV for My Lady, one of the teasers for Mambo was also filmed in Singapore.

A-Prince who is currently having a dance contest for Mambo was asked about a memorable dance cover they’ve seen. Minhyuk mentioned a dance cover that was filmed in front of the Merlion by Singapore fans. A-Prince is grateful towards everyone for loving and supporting their song and in return, they’re motivated to work harder to show a better image to fans.


Having a prince-like concept, A-Prince was asked whether there’re members with prince syndrome. Sungwon said that everyone in A-Prince seems to have that syndrome, however picked Minhyuk as the most severe one. While Minhyuk claimed that it was Sungwon instead. Sungwon then remarked that he believes prince syndrome is not only about loving one’s appearance, but more about taking care of oneself to show a more complete and perfect look to fans.
When asked about the leader of A-Prince, Sungwon confidently said that it was his looks that made him the leader!


In terms of fashion sense, Woobin was picked the worst dresser, the one with worst fashion sense in A-Prince. Apart from being the member with worst fashion sense, Woobin was also revealed to be the cry baby of A-Prince. However, when asked about the member who takes the longest to prepare, it was Siyoon – he was pointed out to have bad fashion sense as well.


Seungjun was picked as the member who acts differently on stage and off the stage. On stage, the Smile Prince Seungjun is always seen smiling and giving his eye smile. However, when he’s off the stage, he can be serious and manly.


A-Prince describes themselves as a group with different individual personalities that will bring out their unique charm – and these charms can be seen when they’re performing on stage. Certainly, their charms were shown and proved to be true, on the exact same day at JCube – when they were on the stage for the amazing show, the fan party that they’ve prepared for their fans in Singapore!

Lastly, KPOPNESIA would like to thank JNation Entertainment for inviting us to the press conference.

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