Saturday, 17 August 2013 marked the first ever fan meeting of the Asia’s Prince, Lee Kwang Soo, in his entertainment career. The fan meeting took place at the Festive Grand Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa, which lasted for approximately 2 hours, attracted not only the locals but also fans and supporters of Lee Kwang Soo from overseas. Attendees of the fan meeting certainly had an enjoyable and memorable time at the event where they got to see Kwang Soo’s talent, know more about him and last but not least, interact with him!

The fan meeting started off with Kwang Soo appearing on stage, dressed in black, and singing to TVXQ’s hug. There were several times he burst out laughing, looking really shy but still, he managed to continue singing and at one point of the song, he surprised everyone with his famous robot dance! Kwang Soo never fails to bring laughter to his fans, doesn’t he?

Kwang Soo Opening Song

Kwang Soo officially greeted his fans right after the song, not forgetting to show off his robot dance once again while fans were chanting to his name. Though he felt really nervous and shy, he’s grateful to all the fans who were there to support him. Seeing such a shy Kwang Soo, the emcee taught him how to say “paiseh” in Hokkien, which means embarrassing in English. Besides that, the emcee also taught Kwang Soo to say “Selemat Hari Raya” to greet the Muslim fans, “Terima Kasih” to thank the fans and lastly, “bao bao” which means hug in Chinese. When Kwang Soo was asked about his impression of Singapore, he mentioned the awesome food and beautiful night scenery here, and also conveyed his love for Singapore by saying “I LOVE SINGAPORE!”.


Kwang Soo returned to the stage, in a different outfit, he continued to serenade fans with the song “Because I Love You” while playing the piano. Despite a failed attempt, he received great encouragement and support from the audience and managed to complete the song on his second try.

The fan meeting went on with another two rounds of games – Questions & Requests and True or False.

For the game of Questions & Requests, Kwang Soo had to answer questions or fulfil requests from the lucky fans. Not only were these fans lucky to have their request fulfilled by Kwang Soo, they also received a phone call from Kwang Soo who had drawn their numbers from a box filled with phone numbers provided by fans earlier on that day. A variety of requests was made – a hug, piggyback, photo with him and even a kiss on the lucky fan’s forehead – though he was flustered upon hearing the request of a kiss and really shy after he fulfilled the request.

The last game of the fan meeting was True or False. Winners of this game received an autographed T-shirt that was signed by Kwang Soo on the spot. Apart from that, fans have definitely gotten to know more Kwang Soo through questions that were asked. Some facts about Kwang Soo – he’s 1.90m tall, has a younger sister, is a good drinker, has a shoe size of UK 10.5, doesn’t own a pet and is allergic to gingko nuts! The question on drinking surprised fans when he revealed his ability to hold liquor well though he doesn’t drink often.

Interaction with MC

Before moving on to a short interaction session with Kwang Soo, a video of greetings from Kwang Soo’s friends was shown on the screen. In the video, the Running Man members, Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki, Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum left messages and words of encouragement for Kwang Soo to support him and his fan meeting in Singapore. Kwang Soo then mentioned and talked about his close friendship with Song Joong Ki.

During the interaction session, the emcee taught Kwang Soo another word in Hokkien – “gu ni”, milk in English – when Kwang Soo expressed his liking for the drink. Being called a giraffe, Kwang Soo also revealed to have received many giraffe related gifts from fans – including stuff toys and even undergarments!

Pix with fans 3

After the interaction session, a video of Kwang Soo made by a 12 year old fan was being shown, followed by a gift presentation to Kwang Soo from his fan club. The audiences also did a kallang wave for Kwang Soo which he requested to record down with his phone.

Kwang Soo did not forget to express his thanks and gratefulness towards everyone who was there to support him – “Thank You, Singapore.” – He said, before proceeding to sing the last song of the night, I Believe. As Kwang Soo sang, he went off the stage and walked among the audience.

Amongst audience

The CAT 1 Ticket Holders got to meet Kwang Soo up close after the fan meeting for a Hi-5 and autographed poster give away session.

The first ever fan meeting of Lee Kwang Soo that was filled with fun and laughter, was surely a memorable for his fans and Kwang Soo, himself.

Again, KPOPNESIA would like to thank Faith & D Entertainment for the invitation to Lee Kwang Soo First Fan Meeting in Singapore.

Photo courtesy of Faith & D Entertainment.