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Lee Kwang Soo, who’s known for being the ‘giraffe’, ‘betrayer’ and ‘Asia’s Prince’, held his first ever fan meeting of his entertainment career in Singapore. Besides being an entertainer, the cast member of Running Man, he’s a model and also an actor – currently involved in the drama, ‘Goddess of Fire’.

On 16 August 2013, a press conference for Lee Kwang Soo’s fan meeting was held at Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre.

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Despite being well-known as the ‘betrayer’ in running man who has been bringing much laughter to his fans and viewers, Kwang Soo appeared to be rather shy during the press conference. Nevertheless, he managed to captivate everyone in the room with his witty comments and actions! He was also constantly expressing his thanks and gratefulness towards everyone for the warm welcome, interest and support for him and his first ever fan meeting.

Lee Kwang Soo, standing at a tall height of 1.90m is probably the reason why he’s being called a giraffe. Hence, it was also inevitable for one to be curious about his height. When asked about the food he consumed that possibly made up his tall height, Kwang Soo surprised and brought laughter to the room by confessing his love for milk in English, “I like milk!” – The beverage he drank a lot when he was a kid!

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While Kwang Soo expressed his satisfaction with his tall height, he also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of it. He pointed out the difficulty he might have when it comes to dressing up and also the disadvantage of being noticed easily when he’s in running man! But overall, he felt that there are more advantages than disadvantages.

Besides his height, Kwang Soo was asked to rate his own looks. While fans had no doubts of giving him a high rating of 11, Kwang Soo was really shy about it. He burst into laughter upon hearing the question and took a while to think before saying “7~8/10”. He also commented that he’ll start to take a better care of appearance!

Even though Kwang Soo has been called the Asia’s Prince for quite some time, he revealed that he still feels shy whenever he hears it. However, he’s thankful for the title he’s been given.

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Contrary to his outgoing image and personality portrayed on screen, Kwang Soo confessed that he’s actually shy with people and is someone who gets influenced by his surrounding rather easily. Therefore, he’s thankful for the active and bubbly members and staff of running man. In addition, he mentioned that he has a serious side of him too. Kwang Soo’s shy personality was evident when he was about his plans for marriage. He burst into around of shy laughter, feeling quite embarrassed, before answering the question. He commented that though he hasn’t really thought about it yet, he felt that he should wait for Kim Jong Kook to get married first!

And, if you’ve not already known, Kwang Soo has already gone to the army!

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As an actor, Kwang Soo has been trying his best to do well in acting. He mentioned that the senior actors have been a great help to him as he has learnt a lot from them. When asked about a role he’d like to try out, he expressed his interest in a variety of different roles instead of a particular one. Thus, rather than the usual friendly and kind roles that he has played in the past, he’s satisfied with the mean role he has in his current drama, ‘Goddess of Fire’.

When Kwang Soo was asked to rehearse a scene of him receiving the Best Actor award, his shy laughter was heard again as he looked quite flustered with the request! He gave a short speech by saying “Thank you!” and “I’ll do my best!”.

Kwang Soo thinks that his goal is always changing and he does his best as it changes. At the moment, he’s working hard for the drama that he’s currently involved in.

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When Kwang Soo was asked for his opinion of the best in running man and his ranking, he was rather careful as he constantly emphasises to the media that this only reflects what he thinks and hopes that it can be kept as a secret! “Seok Jin, Haha, Gary, Ji Hyo, Kwangsoo, Jong Kook (from 7th~1st).” He reasoned that Jong Kook is very sensitive in this kind of issues and he’ll be very happy to hear that he has been ranked 1st by him.

Before wrapping up the press conference, Kwang Soo drew a round of applause and laughter in the room when he showed off his well-known robot dance, though he ended up looking really shy again! – He is no doubt, a very shy and humble man! Isn’t he?

Lastly, KPOPNESIA would like to thank Faith & D Entertainment for the invitation.