[COVERED] NU’EST at L.O.Λ.E TOUR in Singapore 2013!


NU’EST is back in Singapore on the 22 June at Kallang Theatre for their first full-fledged showcase. The showcase lasted for approximately 2 hours where NU’EST got to showcase their amazing performances, as well as games and interactions with fans!


NU’EST appeared on stage with an intro performance with impressive dance moves, and continued to captivate the audience with their debut track, ‘Action’!

After the amazing opening performances, it was finally time for the boys to greet their fans! They started with introductions, followed by a ‘Q&A session’, ‘Quiz Show’ and ‘Image Game’.


During the Q&A session, a board filled with post-it notes of fans’ messages, questions and requests were brought up on stage. Though NU’EST could only pick a few to read, it was apparent that the boys are receiving a lot of love and support from their fans. There was even a note written in Thai!


After the short Q&A session, it was the ‘Quiz Show’ segment whereby NU’EST had to answer questions related to Singapore. Despite not being a local, all five members were enthusiastically trying to answer the questions- with a little help coming from the audience, of course.


The ‘Image Game’ was definitely a segment prepared for the fans! In this segment, fans were all required to stand up and answer a few questions about NU’EST. At the end of the game, five fans got the chance to go up on stage, pick a gift from the boys and also a photo taken with them. Through this game, we got to learn more about NU’EST as well! Baekho was chosen as the one who love food the most, the ‘playboy’ in NU’EST, the one who will most likely get married first and also talented in sexy dance.


After the interaction with fans, NU’EST continued the showcase with more performances – ‘Hello’, ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘Introduce Me To Your Noona/The Girl Next Door’, ‘Sandy’ in English, ‘Hello Hello’, ‘Not Over You’ and finally ‘Face’.

However, that was definitely not the end the showcase! The boys made a surprise entrance from the back of the theatre for encore. They performed the Korean version of ‘Sandy’ and ended the showcase with their final song, ‘Beautiful Solo’.



A Hi-5 Session was held right after the showcase.


NU’EST concluded their tour in Singapore with a fansign session on 23 June at Bugis+.

Again, KPOPNESIA would like to thank JNation Entertainment for the invitation.