G-Dragon WOW his Fans with One Of A Kind World Tour Live in Jakarta


G-Dragon was successfully hold his 1st world tour ‘One of A Kind’ in Jakarta. The Concert was held in Mata Elang International Stadium last night. G-Dragon came out to the stage riding a car and singing Michi Go! for opening. After that G-Dragon sing Hearbreaker and One of A Kind, “Are you ready to take this higher?”

After that G-Dragon ask TABLO to came out and Tablo out on the LCD Screen singing Light it Up. During The Leaders G-Dragon duet with CL on the LCD screen. Its too bad CL was schedule to come to Indonesia too but due of her activities so it cancelled. But don’t worry 2NE1 will come to Indonesia for Mnet Countdown Halo-Indonesia next month.

During Butterfly G-Dragon make the stage full of Huge Butterflies flying, totally beautiful. and G-Dragon sitting on the stage singing face to face to his fans. After VCR G-Dragon singing Missing You, 그xx and Without You. “You Guys Missing Me?” Before singing Today, G-Dragon show off his DJ-ing skill and ask fans to Jump together, “Let’s Jump Jump JUUUUUUUUUUMP!”


Finally after 2nd VCR, the one that VIPs Indonesia waiting for TOP Came out featuring G-Dragon with Knock Out, “GD in the house, TOP in the house……..” and next song High High. TOP sing his solo Turn it Up and all the fans are chanting ” TOP…. TOP…. TOP!”

3rd VCR and G-Dragon came out again with new outfit sing This Love and One Year Station.

G-Dragon concert was superb! and totally show off his great performance Live Band, Lighting & Sound system was amazing and of course the Dancers are all out, truly ONE OF A KIND. Its time for GD to say goodbye after Crayon + Bigbang Remix Song, G-Dragon said “Please support my upcoming album will be out on August and also keep support my brother(bigbang member) and wait until Bigbang back to our activities, Thank You Indonesia” and he closed his concert with Michi Go!

Thank you Bigdaddy Indonesia for Bringing G-Dragon to come to Indonesia. For those who didn’t attend the 1st Day you can watch the 2nd Day concert today. Come & Enjoy the concert, VIPs!