[COVERED] 1st Love Global Fanmeeting Live in Jakarta, Indonesia


After 2 years finally Indonesian Minoz meet Their Favorite Actor Lee Min Ho. The show start at 8.15pm at Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center. MinHo open the show by singing It’s Love. and Greeting in Indonesian Language “Selamat Malam” Min Ho said Indonesian Girls are Pretty He said “Cantik…” and he also said he ate 3 portion of Nasi Goreng. DSCN2316


Recently MinHo really likes doing sport and he often go to the Gym and Work out. He also said that he likes to hear Gangnam Style and all the fans ask him to dance Gangnam Style, he really shy but he did it. The Q&A Session is started MinHo pick 5 Question from the fans and here his answer, MinHo said If he can reborn again he will choose as a singer. when fans ask about what will he choose between Love, Family and Career. Minho choose Family and Dave Hendrick (The MC) joke “Who wants to be Minho Mom?” MinHo Laughing. MinHo describe Jakarta as Hot, Many Island and Many Pretty Girls. He choose Gu Jun Pyo (Boys Before Flower) as his Favorite Character cause since acting in that drama there’s so many fans know him and supporting him until now. Right now he still want to act as a High School Student. When fans asked about His Address and Phone Number, MinHo Laughing really hard and he said “You guys know my address…” MinHo admit that Thailand fans was coming to his house and take a picture with his car and send it to him through twitter. He teased the fans by saying “My Phone Number is 0104025XXXXX…”

DSCN2378Untitled-1 DSCN2408DSCN2367

MinHo said that his ideal type of woman is the one can cook really well and mature. After that MinHo invites 7 Fans and he personally choose the fans to the stage. “I like the girl with long hair…. Hmm I want you the one with Caricature… The girl with pink veil and you…” When he choose the fans he also take a gift and bouquet from fans





The MC asked the fans to show their talent and introducing themself to Lee Min Ho and one the Lucky fans sing together with Lee Min Ho and Min Ho choose one of them as the winner He choose the girl that made a caricature he also said “The Caricature is so funny, I really Likes it!” Min Ho also give a hug to the fans too


After that Min Ho invite 15 Fans to the stage. Now they are playing games. The fans need to answer the question by standing in front of the X(wrong) or O(right).

Is Lee Min Ho Eat Mie Goreng this afternoon???, Is Min Ho using his own picture on his phone wallpaper?, Is Lee MinHo Born on Sunday, June 22nd, 1987?, Is it true that Lee Min Ho Think he’s left side is much better than his Right side? and The last question When he’s praying did his right thumb is up? (LOL to the last question he didn’t even recognize it). After that the fans that still answering right do Paper, Rock and Scissor with Lee Min Ho he said “Suuuuit…..” he also play cham cham cham and eye-contact games with the fans, the winner got a present.

DSCN2564 DSCN2568 DSCN2582 DSCN2594 DSCN2607 DSCN2630

After that Min Ho go the backstage and the VCR showing clip from Drama Boys Before Flower, Personal Taste, Faith and City Hunter. and Min Ho back to stage. The MC said that there’s 3 Video from Indonesian Minoz who want to teach Minho Traditional Games, Dance and Instrument. and after that the girls from the Video are invited to the stage and teach Min Ho how to play Ampar-Ampar Pisang, Saman Dance & Playing Angklung. Min Ho said “Next time I want to sing with Angklung”.

(Video will be upload)

After that Lee Min Ho singing In The Rain and Read a Poem for Indonesian Minoz “I’m sorry I came late and thank you for waiting me… Thank you for all the support. I hope you all have a great memories and have a great time tonight”, Before his last song he throw 5 Ball to the fans and that lucky fans who got the ball can exchange the ball with the gift from Lee Min Ho.



Finally the last one Lee Min Ho say goodbye to the fans by singing My Everything.


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