[COVERED] B1A4 1st BABA Showcase Live in Jakarta on March 12th 2013

B1A4 is in J Town! Yeah the 5 Charming and Cute boys arrived in Jakarta on March 10th after their showcase in Taipei, Taiwan.


B1A4 Open the showcase and performing Beautiful Target. All the fans in Festival A & B are screaming and sing along with them. After performing Bling Girl they start to Introduce themself “Halo… Nama Saya CNU… Saya Baro…Halooo Saya Jinyoung Leader B1A4… Saya Sandeul…Halooo Saya mau ketemu kalian… Saya Gongchan-nya IMUT dari B1A4….” (They speak bahasa very well)

The MC Jinwoon is telling us to sit and start the Q&A Session Sandeul, CNU pick Gongchan as their ideal member as a girlfriend. Jinyoung pick CNU and Baro pick himself “Cause I’m kind and handsome…”.



But because the fans is too excited (screaming and keep pushing themself to the front) there’s some fans collapse so B1A4 member suggest the fans to keep calm down “Relax…Relax…Relax…” Jinyoung said. After that the fans still can’t be manage so the MC take control by sending off B1A4 back to the backstage and start to telling the fans to move back and sit down about 20-30minutes the crew and staff are managing the fans “If you guys didn’t sit, we will stop the showcase” The MC said.


After all the fans sitting and B1A4 back to the stage performing IF 너만 있으면 after that Indonesian BANAs Give a surprise Early Birthday for Sandeul upcoming birthday on March 20th. He try to wear Batik Shirt. He ask “Did I look good?” CNU replied “Really looks good on you”.



B1A4 randomly pick 5 fans to play games with them. Its B1A4 Cinema…. The 5 lucky fans have a chance to be pair with each member and they also have to do a pose just like the movie poster. one of the lucky fans (sandeul partner) got ZONK cards which means she can’t do movie poster pose and couldn’t take a pic together.


BUT….. There’s special present for that lucky girl (her name is rizka). Yeah! B1A4 singing a special song What do you want to do for her. CNU give her Smiling Baloons, Sandeul busy taking a pic of her with the other member, Gongchan give her a Bouquet Red Rose, and Jinyoung give her a Cake. Baro also give her a mineral water and wiping her sweat. The other fans keep watching and screaming envy to her….


After that the member perfoming Baby Good Night and Tried To Walk. Baro asking “Apakah kalian senang hari ini?” (mean: Did you guys have fun today?) and maknae Gongchan said “Don’t be sad… we will comeback and remember all of you, we’ll back with a bigger stage and bring you the best performance. Aku Cinta Kalian….. Terimakasih”.



Sandeul said “Thank you even tough my condition is not really well but you guys keep supporting me and worried about me. Thank you… I’m really happy meeting you guys…Saranghaeyo…”. (Last month Sandeul was doing an operation on his knee that’s why he can’t dance cause right now he still recovery).



They continue performing So Fine, OK Girl and Close their showcase with You’re My Girl.


“Terimakasih aku cinta padamu….” Jinyoung said. CNU added “Please keep supporting us and hope to see you guys again the future, please wait and we’ll meet again.. I Love you, BANAs~”



Special for you 귀요미 Sandeul & Jinyoung Vers.



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