[COVERED] Tonight with Lee Seung Gi Fanmeeting in Indonesia

at 6PM The gate open the venue filled with Pearl Mint color fans, they are so excited and come earlier to queuing at venue. The concert start at 7PM, Seung Gi Open the show singing Losing My Mind. After that the MC, Dave Hendrick welcome him and ask him a few question. Seung Gi said he likes Indonesian Food especially Nasi Goreng he said he eat 2 Serving of Nasi Goreng at the first time he taste it (Are you hungry, Seung Gi ssi?). After that Seung Gi invite 10 Lucky Fans to the stage and Play games with him

Seung Gi ask his fans some question and the fans need to answer his question by writing on the paper, He also ask his fans to draw his Ideal Woman. Seung Gi Ideal Woman Characteristic has a beautiful smile, not slanted eyes but not too big, and last one has a long wave hair.

Seung Gi comment the drawing happily and pick one fans to get the gift from him. Seung Gi also give a hug to the fans, all the others fans are shouting they envy and want get a hug from seung gi too. After that there is a VCR that showing 3 best Action from his Drama his 1st best Action when he act in My Girlfriend is GumihoKing 2 Hearts, and Brilliant Legacy . Lee Seung Gi said his favorite soundtrack is Loosing My Mind from Ost. My Girl Friend is Gumiho, Seung Gi also teach the fans dancing with that song, “Kanan…, Kiri, Kanan, Kiri…” He know the direction with Indonesian Language.

After that Seung Gi watching the Video by Airen Indonesia, the video made from the fans all over Indonesia and after that Airen fanbases representative are coming to the stage bring gift and also Tumpeng Rice, they wish Seung Gi to keep success in his work and doing his best for the next album and concert. Seung Gi really happy with the fans and once again give them a warm hug (OMG, I’m so jealous!!!) He also said that Indonesia Fans was the best rection ever from other country. He love Airen Indonesia

After that the mini concert start Seung Gi back again and sing, Aren’t we friends, Tonight and Will you marry me. All the fans are singin together when Smile Boy and Let’s Go on Vacation. After that the fans are shouting, “Encore…Encore…” and Seung Gi back to the stage Singing You’re My Woman and Sleeve song close his mini concert.


The fans was really happy and they hopes that Seung Gi will comeback to Indonesia next time. Thank you for Munial Sport Group^^

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