[COVERED] Galaxy Superstar S4 1st Concert

The taping concert was schedule to be held at 7pm but due to taping preparation it’s delay 2 hour. Around 50 fans and invitation are waiting at the lobby. The concert held at Studio 5, Indosiar. This is the 1st concert for S4, Firly Alif Arthur and Jeje are the winner from Galaxy Super Star. They just release their Music Video ‘She is My Girl’ in that song S4 featuring with 4Minute’s Hyuna.

Taping started, Phantom open the concert with Ice Point, Sanchez, Hanhae and Kiggen show off their moves and voice on the stage

All the fans are dancing and enjoying their performance. After that Indonesian Boyband and Girlband are perform. When the MC said ‘here that you guys waiting for…’ The fans are getting more and more excited they keep screaming ‘4Minute,4Minute,4Minute….” and then Ji hyun, Jiyoon, Hyuna & Sohyun are show up. Too bad Gayoon couldn’t came to Indonesia cause she still sick so right now she still need to recovery (get well soon, Gayoon~)

4Minute Perform 2 Songs Hot Issue and Volume Up, The girls was trying to communicate with the fans even tough they only know a few Indonesian Words. 4Minute said Indonesian Food are Tasty, Jihyun also said she likes ‘Kerupuk’. Cutie Maknae, Sohyun also keep saying “Aku Cinta Kamu, Aku Cinta Kamu…”

Beside 4Minute and Phantom, Indonesian Boyband SM*SH,XO-IX and Indonesian Girlband Blink are performing too.

After that Phantom back and perform Hole in your face and Burning

Taping concert closing with Performance from S4 with She is My Girl

Single She is My Girl has released not only in Indonesia but also in Korea and other country, S4 will also perform at Kpop All Star in Korea on December 1st, S4 is gonna be the 1st Indonesian Boyband perform there (Good luck for S4, we support you!)  

Galaxy Superstar S4 1st Concert will be airing on Indosiar on Nov 1st at 9pm (if there is re-run schedule we’ll update)

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