B2ST Beautiful Show 2012 in Jakarta – #BeautifulShowINA

On March 17, 2012, a big concert which is none other than “B2ST Beautiful Show” in Jakarta was being held at JITEC, Mangga Dua Square. The concert was brought to B2UTY by Marygops Studios, the same promoter as #2PMJKT.

The time the concert started, the audiences were heated up and the cheers were heard everywhere inside the concert venue. As B2ST performed, they sang their hit songs such as Soom (Breath), Special, and Shock. B2UTY(s) were going crazier when they heard B2ST greeted them in Bahasa!

The total of the song B2ST sung in the concert was 24 songs also including each members’ solo. The solo stage was started by Jang Hyunseung with ‘아무렇지않니’ followed by Yong Junhyung with ‘Living Without You’. The leader, Yoon Doo Joon, and the maknae, Son Dong Woon, were also performing their hits duet ‘When The Door Closes’. Lee Gikwang and Jang Hyunseung also had a duet with ‘Let It Snow’, and the last were brought by Yang Yoseob and Yong Junhyung with their single ‘Thank You’, which was especially created to appreciate their gratitude to B2UTY who support B2ST.

Well, the next following story will make you B2UTY(s) either go jealous or just, possibly, okay but one lucky fan were brought to the stage when the boys were singing ‘You’. The lucky girl were also given big teddy bear and balloon from B2ST and also had a chance to do any interactions with B2ST members, even some of the members hugged her.

The concert was closed with ‘Beautiful’ and ‘V.I.U’ and lastly B2ST promised to come if they have other chances, and they also thanked the wonderful B2UTY(s) before leaving the stage.

Written by : @_Parisian for Kpopnesia.com.

Information credit goes to : http://b2stindonesia.wordpress.com