2PM Hands Up Asia Tour 2012 in Jakarta – #2PMJKT

2PM, a South Korea boyband, was successfully held a first time ever full concert here in Jakarta, to be more specific in JITEC of Mangga Dua Square. The concert went really well, do not bothering the fact that some of audiences were breaking the concert rules, for example, brought the camcorder and SLR camera in, and even for the seated audiences, they were, probably all, stood on their chairs to see the idols. Some audiences were moving to other classes, too. As for me, I and my friend were moved from Gold to the festival class since we can’t see anything like everything on stage was on the hidden mode as the audiences in front of us were standing up on chairs. We were moved by the committee, though, as for some others they were moving by themselves. Honestly, thanks to the standing people we were able to move to see 2PM in a really near place. Gold wasn’t satisfying me at all as indeed the theater mode per class not per row like what I had expected before.

Forget about that disturbances, all of the audiences were all heated up by the boys’ performances. Many of their hits songs were being sang by 2PM, obviously also accompanied by their energetic and sexy dance moves. These six beastly idols also talked in Indonesian language few times, with their own mixed accents, and it was totally cute. Kim Junsu, Nichkhun Horvejkul, and Ok Taecyeon were three members who spoke great English. No wonder, most of them have lived in foreign countries before.

So, I managed to record some of their performances, and also the VCR because I think the VCR was quite funny. I have uploaded some on YouTube and some others were still on my laptop waiting to be uploaded since the data size is pretty big. The internet connection doesn’t work well these two days so perhaps I will just upload the rest when it goes good to me.


Videos credit goes to : @adeliary/ ScatteredPaper

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